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Draining Very tiring (drain=desagüe) (quitando energía)
freak obsessed with something (____ freak)
get the hang learn how to do it (cogerle el tranquillo) (hang=colgar)
menial work boring and that does not need any skill
merger joining together of two organisations (companies) (joining together=unión)
give your notice tell your employer that you are going to leave your job (employer=empresa/patrono)
qualification (qualified) piece of paper that shows you have passed an exam or completed a training course
raise (rise in British English) increase in the amount of money that you earn
be made redundant (redundancy) be told that your employer no longer has a job for you (redundant=despedido)
rewarding giving personal satisfaction
stimulating (stimulation) inspiring new ideas or enthusiasm
stretch someone make them use all their skills and abilities (stretch=estirar(se))
workload amount of work that a person has to do
work out [sth] happen or develop in a satisfactory way
undervalued [sth] people do not realise how important or valuable is
hand in [sth] give it to someone in authority
be blessed with [sth] be lucky because you have it
be conscious of [sth] be aware of it and notice it or think about it (aware=consciente)
get through (a difficult experience) come to the end of it succsessfully (salir adelante, superar)
interfere become involved in a situation when your help or advice is not wanted
live up to (expectations/ promises) be as good as (igualar, estar a la altura)
logistics practical things you need to do in a particular order so that something can be successful
mind thoughts (mente)
misunderstood [sb] other people don´t like them because they have a false idea of what the person is like
recognise [sth] realise that it is good or important (reconocer, admitir)
manual [work] work in witch you use your hands
[sth, sb] name after [sb] give them that person,s name (poner un nombre por)
peacekeeping preventing other people from fighting each other
push around [sb] treat them unfairly
rank position in an organisation
retirement (retire) when someone stops working because of their age
[sb] role job that they do or the way they contribute to a situation
set foot [sw] go there
stock (a place) (restock) fill it with things
be stuck in a place cannot leave (atascado)
suntan brownish colouring of the skin
tray flat piece of plastic or metal that you use for carrying drinks, plates... (flat=plano)
affordability [sth] (affordable) how easily people can afford to pay for it (afford=permitirse)
appeal [sth] (appealing) quality it has that makes people like it (encanto) (appeal=atracción) That house appeals to me
autonomy (autonomous) power to make your own decisions
bureaucrat someone who work as part of an official system
compatible (differents machines of systems) (compatibility) they can work with each other
credit (university) part of a university course that you have passed
centralise control something all from one place
earplugs small pieces of plastic that you put into your ears to keep out noise
influence [sth, sb] (influence) affect the way they behave or develop
implementation [sth] how it is used and made to work
knock-on-effect indirect effect of something (efecto colateral)
outcome result at the end of a process or activity
outline [sth] describe the main facts about it
outrage (outrageous) very strong feeling of anger
overview descripcion of the main parts of something
restructure organise something in a new way
standarisation process of making things the same or similar
summarise (summary) explain it very briefly
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