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august 1914 war breaks out in europe!
sinking of lusitania may 1915 enflamed american public opinion most americans preffered to stay out of the war
sussex pledge -u-boats sink french passenger liner, sussex -wilson promises to enter WWI unless germany stops sinking ships without warning -german agree- plan to defeat england england and france- then negotiate with US
election of 1916 dem- wilson- "he kept us out of war" rep. charles evans hughes- former reform governor of new york wilson wins big question- what will germany do next?
zimmerman note telegram from german to mexican gov't- proposing german-mexican alliance-published in US newspaper
russian revolution in 1917 romanovs overthrown
the fourteen points wilson's "spiriual" goals for the war: -elimination of secret treaties -open access to the seas(aimed against bristish sea power) -removal of economic barriers between countries -reduction of military stockpiles -end the competition for colonies -self-determination for european peoples(like the poles)-not for colonies -creation of an international organization that would provide a system of collective security- League of Nations
George creel head of committee on public information -tasked with propoganda for the war -convinced americans to put up with shortages and discomforts -selling freedom bonds
bernard baruch leader of war industries board -to determine priorities, allocate raw materials, and fix prices for industry
herbert hoover heads the very succesful food administration -voluntary rationing of certain foods -"meatless" and "wheatless" days -"victory gardens" - restrictions on alcohol
18th amendment 1919 prohibition
19th amendment 1920 gives women the right to vote
national war labor board chaired by Taft tried to avoid labor disputes as much as possible
supporters of the war AFL(american federation of labor) samuel gompers
non-supporters of the war IWW (industrial workers of the world) of wobblies- founded in 1905 by revolutionary socialists- many were arrested and jailed for "treasonous" acts
1919 US steel strike largest in US history steel manufacturers brought in african-american workers to work. led to violence strike collapsed
espionage act of 1917 law fines+imprisonment for anyone "aiding the enemy" -eugene v. debs- head of American socialist party-imprisoned
schenck v. US first amendment free speech rights did not protect anyone whose speech posed a "clear and present danger" to the US national security -SCOTUS decision was unanimous
sedition act 1918 fines+imprisonment for anyone attempting to dissuade anyone from purchasing war bonds or disparaging the military, the constitution, or the gov't.. 1500 indicted or imprisoned
1917 selective service act aka the draft british+french needed reinforcements on the western front asap army grew to 4 million men racism- black soldiers were placed in segregated units under white officers
spring 1918 last desperate push by the germans on the western front Foch(french field marshal)- replace the french & british units in the trenches -black jack pershing oppeses wholesale trench warfare
john j. "black jack" pershing -west point -veteran of philippines in spanish american war -former commander of a black cavalry unit9 how he got his nickname) -first five star general since washington - most WWI commanders will fight under him in WWI- including george patton
battle of chateau- thierry may 1918 -stop the advance of germany on paris -4 weeks later americans force the germans p\out of belleau wood, a crucial german stronghold
battle of st. mihiel sept. 1918 -push back the germans in counter-attack
battle of Meuse-Argonnes most important battle sept. 26-nov. 11 1918 -cutting the german railroad lines -Sergeant York- single- handedly killed 20 germans and captured 132 more
Lafayette early air unit -formed april 1916 to fly alongside french -becomes officially part of the american air service in feb. 1918
the end of the war Nov. 11, 1918
treaty of versailles wilson feared return to isolationism after the war and the chance to form a new world order would be lost -vindictive toward germany(war guilt clause, etc.- will lead to rise of hitler) -includes league of nations along with 4 of wilsons 23 suggestions -failed to get the 2/3 vote necessary to pass -massive defeat for wilson
Henry Cabot Lodge -loathe wilson - chair of the senate committee on foreign relations -republican -joined against "entagling alliances" by the "irreconcibles"
ultraconservatives who opposed the treaty of versailles senators william borah of idaho and hiram johnson of california
"security pledge" - in the treaty of versailles -where US and GB promise to aid france if germany should attack -wilson takes the treaty "on tour"- mostly unfavorable reactions
election of 1920 republicans rep.- sen. warren g. harding of ohio- Gov. calvin coolidge(running mate)- both opposed membership in League of nations Harding: "retern to normalcy" Coolidge: nicknamed "silent cal"
election of 1920 democrats Gov. james cox of ohio- running mat- sec. of the nay Franklin d. Roosevelt- both supported US membership in the league of nations
results of election of 1920 republicans won overwhelmingly hardy is president beginning of jazz age of roaring twenties