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Flash cards revising the topic waterworld in edexell geography b

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how much of the earths water is stored in lakes, rivers,ground, atmosphere, Marsh and vegetation? 1%
How much of the earths water is stored in oceans, ice caps and glaciers? 99%
what is overland flow? rain falls onto the ground and flows in the surface to rivers and lakes
What is through flow? Rainwater soaks into the soil (infiltration) and flows slowly through it to rivers
Groundwater flow Rainwater soaks into rocks below the soil. It moves slowly through the air spaces (pores) or flows along cracks and joints.
What are the three Hydrological processes? EVAPORATION(water that turns into water vapour as it heats up) CONDENSATION(water vapour forms into tiny water droplets as the air carrying it cools, sometimes forming clouds) PRECIPITATION( the tiny water droplets collide and grow until they hit the ground becomeing rain or snow)
What are the causes of river pollution? -untreated sewage -fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides -chemicals from factories -plastic bags and other non decayable waste
How do you manage river pollution? - treat sewage before pumping into rivers -regulate fertilizers and pestercides -factories remove waste from water before pumping into river -recyclable waste sent to recycling centers.
What are the three types of small scale water schemes? Wells Hand pumps Rain water barrels(like water butts)
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