Pseudomonas areuginosa

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Is Pseudomonas Gram Positive or Gram Negative? Pseudomonas is GRAM NEGATIVE!
Name six features of P.aeruginosa 1. gram- negative 2. motile 3. catalase- POSITIVE 4. Genetically diverse 5. Metabolically diverse 6. Resistant to many antibiotics
Where is this bacteria found? Ubiquitous in soil and water
Who is at RISK for infection? - RARELY in Healthy people (unless it gets past our innate IMR) -immunocompromised (i.e. AIDS, chemo) -CF patients, burn patients -cause of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP)
What are some virulence factors in P. areuginosa? (Surface) Pilli-> adherence to surfaces, twitching, movement Flagellum-> Movement
What are some virulence factors in P. aeruginosa? (Secreted) phospholipase-> hydrolyses (Breaks down) host phospholipids elastase-> proteolyses (Breaks down) host proteins alginate-> stops host phagocytosis and helps biofilm formation
How do these bacteria encounter hosts? -The bacteria is in many env'ts, ex. in poorly chlorinated swimming pools/hot tubs
How do these bacteria enter hosts? ADHERE to host cell w/ Type 4 pilli (adhesisns) and flagella
How does P. aeruginosa move/ spread? 3 Main Modes of Motility: -swimming (flagella) -twitching (type 4 pili) -swarming (flagella+ type 4 pili)
What state does swimming occur? LIQUID
What state does Twitching occur? SOLID
What State does Swarming Occur? VISCOUS, Part Liquid/part solid
Name 3 factors that contribute to multiplication/ dissemination 1. Resistance to neutrophil phagocytosis 2. Ability to damage tissue (ex. proteases, T3SS effectors) 3. Quorum sensing
What is Quorum sensing?
How can P. be diagnosed? -It cultured on Pseudomonas isolation agar -the colonies are green and smell like almonds and grapes
What Modes of Parthenogenesis Does this Bacteria have?
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