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Marcela Patricia Padilla Angulo 4 semester Assistence account Nigth QUESTIONS AND ANWSWERS ¿?
1 . What type of communication use in a company? - Intra-office communication and Inter-office communication
2. Examples of the types of communication (INTRA) INTRA - Internal - Within organisation -Colleagues - different departments, levels - Email - Memo - Letter (less common)
3. Examples of the types of communication (INTER) INTER -External -Outside organisation -Clients, customers, suppliers, etc. -Email -Letter
4. What characteristics has the international correspondence? - Use commonly understood words and phrases - Avoid humour, jargon, idioms, slang - Consider decision-making style of recipient's culture - Choice of spelling – US vs UK spelling - Check for appropriate forms of date e.g. 1/10/13 = 1 October 2013 or 10 January 2013
5. What Tips to use about Writing Style of Business Documents ? - Plan and organise message - Language - Tone - Formality
6. What aspects of inner features are ? .- Simplicity -Clarity - Accuracy - Completeness - Relevance - Neatness - Courtesy
7. what tips use your for write a business letter ? - Before writing the letter, you must determine your purpose and audience. - Take a few minutes to list all of the specific points you need to cover. - Type the letter using a word processor. Formal letters should not be written by hand. - A business letter is not the place to try out fancy fonts or experimental writing styles. A direct, conservative style works best.
8. What is the Importance of Business Correspondence ? - Help in Maintaining Proper Relationship - Inexpensive and Convenient - Create and Maintain Goodwill - Serves as Evidence - Help in Expansion of Business
9. What are the essential features of a Good Business Letter? - Inner features - Outer features
10. What includes outer features of a good business letter? - Quality of paper - Color of the Paper - Size of the paper - Folding of letter - Envelope
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