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Archaeology is a discipline that is closely associated with history. Like Historians, Archaeologists study the past. Where historians primarily concerned with written records, archaeologists are primarily concerned with material evidence, such as human remains,tools and pottery.
Much work of a archaeologists work is Fieldwork! Archaeologists study fieldwork.
is a person who studies archaeology.
Archaeologists strive to investigate and preserve the finite and fragile clues of former cultures in order for us to understand our link to the past. They investigate historic as well as prehistoric sites
teams include: 1)diggers, trainers or untrained 2)drafts people to give brief drawing 3)surveyors 4)photographers 5) finds specialists and conservators.
1) brushes,hand towels,hammers,fine dental tools. 2) sifting screens. 3) buckets to remove debris 4) notebooks pencils tags and information cards. 5) cameras 6) surveying equipment, including GPS
ground-penetrating radar and infra-red and thermal imaging equipment whether it is worth excavating the site.
Troy is a old city called THE ILIAD as the city of King Priam.
Ancient Troy, on the coast of the Aegean sea, in modern day turkey
in 1870
the first 4 stages began in 1871
the ending of the four stages ended in 1890
9 different cities were found
he smuggled it out of Turkey to Berlin to Germany
IT was then largest and most complex city of the Indus Valley civilizations in Ancient India.
it dated from 2600 to 1800
in 1924 AD
it was found by accident when a Buddhist stupa was excavated
it means= dating material evidence is important in both archaeology and history. Dating helps archaeologist and historians develop a chronology,or arrangement of dates.
it means= involves close examination of the objects context.Relative dating is the older of the two types of dating and is approximate.
it means= it is a more modern and precise form of dating material evidence.
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) IS A Molecule found in the cells of all living things. In the case for humans the DNA is a blueprint for our bodies to function properly.
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