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WORKSHEET WORKSHEET (NOUN) PRONUNCIATION: workshit /ˈwɜːkˌʃiːt/ WORKSHEET: is a program or computer application that allows data manipulation of numbers arranged in tables for operation on complex calculations accounting , finance and business
MISTAKE MISTAKE (NOUN) PRONUNCIATION: /miˈsteik/ MISTAKE: It is an error or fault in a computer program or software system that triggers an unwanted result
FIELDS FIELDS (NOUN) PRONUNCIATION: fiout /fiːld/ FIELDS: It is a storage space for particular data .
CRASH CRASH (NOUN) PRONUNCIATION:crash /krӕʃ/ CRASH: A crash is the sudden failure of a software application or operating system or of a hardware device such as a hard disk .
TOUCHPAD TOUCHPAD (ADJECTIVE) PRONUNCIATION: tochpad /ˈtʌtʃ.pæd/ TOUCHPAD: It is a feature that enables the computer screen to respond to the touch of your finger
PERIPHERALS PERIPHERALS (ADJETIVE) PRONUNCIATION:perifero /pəˈrɪf.ɚ.əl/ PERIPHERALS: They ARE devices and / or independent auxiliary devices connected to the central processing unit of a computer.
ring ring: rɪŋ (noun) When a computer has the token can transmit over a period of time..
allocate allocate (v): Assign , Book
anchor anchor (v): This operation will allow us to be more accessible and in just 2 clicks, those folders that you work with regularly.
assembler assembler: Machine language
attachment attachment: attached , annex document
backbone backbone: It refers to the backbone wiring or vertical subsystem in a network installation
backup backup: is a copy of the original data is performed in order to provide a means for recovery from a loss
boot boot: start-up process
chipset chipset: set of chips that are used to communicate with the different processor motherboard components
clipboard clipboard: It is a system tool that allows copy and paste information between applications
default default: by definition , default
ROW ROW (NOUN) PRONUNCIATION: ROWEN /rəu/ ROW: Cells contained set horizontally Going From to until IV.
disable disable (v): weaken or destroy the capability of
feature feature: functionality feature.
graphic display graphic display: a graphic display system
hotkey hotkey: perform common tasks more quickly than with the mouse and menus
bitstream bitstream:indicates the number of bits of information transmitted on video
cast cast: Software for source code parsing, debugging, impact analysis, real time map building and evolution management for all client/server SQL based applications
chroot chroot: It is an operation that invokes a process , changing this and their children the root directory of the system.
datagram datagram: Self-contained and independent entity of data carrying sufficient information to be routed from the source computer to the destination computer
ripper ripper:audio extract
overflow overflow: It occurs when a program does not properly control the amount of data copied over an area of memory reserved
broadband broadband: is the length, measured in Hz , the frequency range in which most of the signal power is concentrated
mailbox mailbox: Mailbox of a particular user
hyperlink hyperlink: It is a reference to a document that the reader can follow directly
fake fake: It refers generally to a forgery
trojan horse trojan horse: malicious software that the user is presented as a seemingly legitimate and harmless program
clock rate clock rate: sets the clock for serial connections
upload uploador upload a file upload
talk talk: also known as cibercharla
developer developer: correction of errors after the departure of the software
hard disc hard disc: It is the data storage device
printer printer: It enables a continuous range of text or graphics of documents stored in an electronic format
Network card Network card: is a peripheral that allows communication with devices connected to each other and sharing resources between two or more computers
connect connect: are interfaces for connecting devices using cables. They generally have a male end with pins protruding
mouse mouse: Computer device that is operated with one hand and to direct the movement of the pointer on the screen to transmit various commands
virtual reality goggles virtual reality goggles: are glasses used to see in three dimensions in certain two-dimensional images
web can web can: you can connect to a computer to record images or issue them live over the Internet
download download: It is used as a file transfer from an online service to a user 's computer
webinar webinar: It is a type of conference, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet
primary key primary key: It is an attribute of the table , which differed for each of the rows that were on the table.
form form: It is an HTML tag representing a form
report report: It is a document generated by the system
keyboard keyboard: It is a device or input device
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