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Question Answer
Element 1 A safety policy
Element 2 A program for training and ensuring competency
Element 3 A framework for involving employees in the management of health and safety
Element 4 The collection, analysis and reporting of safety performance data
Element 5 The identification of hazards in the workplace
Element 6 The assessments of the risk they pose to people
Element 7 The elimination or control of those risks
Element 8 The evaluation and effectiveness of the control measures
Elements 9 Arrangements for emergency preparations and response
Element 10 system for monitoring the effectiveness of health and safety arrngements
Element 11 System for monitoring the health of workers
Element 12 System for the reporting of accidents / incidents
Eliment 13 Controls over documents and records
Element 14 A program of internal audits and management reveiw to ensure that the system continues to meet objectives and requirements