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xylem transports water up from the roots throughout the plant
phloem transports sugars from source tissues to sink tissues (leaves to roots)
function of the leaves to catch sunlight, convert energy to chemical energy to use as food (photosynthesis)
function of roots -absorption of water -anchoring plants to ground -support -storage of food/ nutrients -vegetative reproduction
cuticle -waxy layer covering the leaf surface -reduces evaporation and drying out
epidermis -layer of cells on the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf -clear layer of cells to allow light in
palisade mesophyll -densely packed photosynthesis cells - main site of photosynthesis, packed with chloroplasts
spongey mesophyll -loosely packed photosynthetic cells -main area for gas exchange in leaf
vascular bundles -xylem and phloem tissue -xylem carries water to leaves. phloem carries sucrose from leaves to other parts of plants
guard cells -cells of the stomata -control opening and closing of stomata
stomata -openings in the epidermis -allow gases and water vapour in and out
cross section of a leaf
cross section of a stem
longitudinal section of a root
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