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Flashcards covering the basic vocabulary terms in ecology

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Species A group of organisms that can interbreed to create fertile offspring
Population A relatively isolated group of organisms of the same species
Community The organisms of all species living in a particular area
Habitat Where a population lives
Biotic factors Fcators affecting an organsim related to living organism
Abiotic factors Factors affecting an organism related to non - living things
Niche A role played within a communtiy eg. a top preadtor or its way of life
Food chain A sequence (usually shown as a diagram) of feeding relationships between organisms, showing who eats what and the movement of energy through trophic levels.
Biomass The dry mass of an organism
Decomposer An organism which eats dead organisms or animal droppings, and breaks them down into simple materials.
food web A network of food chains, showing how they all link together.
photosynthesis A chemical process used by plants and algae to make glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water, using light energy. Oxygen is produced as a by-product of photosynthesis.
primary consumer The name given to an organism that eats a producer. A herbivore
producer Plants that begin food chains by making energy from carbon dioxide and water.
secondary consumer An organism that obtains its energy by eating the primary consumer.secondary consumer
tertiary consumer An organism that obtains its energy by eating the secondary consumer.
trophic level The position of an organism in a food chain, food web or pyramid.
invertebrate An animal without a backbone
organism Living entity, eg animals, plants or microorganisms.
herbivore An animal that feeds only on plants.
carnivore An animal that eats meat or flesh only.
Omnivore An animal that eat both meat and plants
Pyramids of number A graphical way of representng the number of organisms in a food chain
Pyramids of biomass Pyramids of biomass represent the dry mass of organisms in a food chian
Pyramids of energy These represent the energy contained within the organisms in each trophoic level
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