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KEYBOARD: pronunciation /ˈkiːˌbɔː(r)d/. A piece of computer equipment with keys on it, used for putting information into a computer a60d0f1b-7fcd-4fa3-9816-3001f381e7aa.png (image/png)
HEADPHONES: pronunciation /ˈhedˌfəʊnz/ a piece of equipment that you wear over your ears to listen to something without other people hearing it cd8a30bf-3e3c-4a8a-8fcc-a3f5c958222d.jpg (image/jpg)
USB-PORT: a place on a computer where you can attach a cable for connecting a printer, keyboard, modem etc 8daa0b57-33ae-4b01-bd18-417266ae74b3.jpg (image/jpg)
SOCKET: pronunciation/ˈsɒkɪt/. BRITISH a place on a surface or machine with holes for connecting a piece of electrical equipment. The American word is outlet. c8bbfc16-c93b-4bb2-9d02-d3655a996269.jpg (image/jpg)
ETHERNET: pronunciation /ˈiːθə(r)net/.a system in which several computers in an area are directly connected to each other by wires 9292125c-76ad-453e-8cc3-28e4f3b00943.jpg (image/jpg)
PRINTER: pronunciation /ˈprɪntə(r)/. a piece of equipment used for printing documents that you have created on a computer 9720389d-d01b-4dd2-8f37-50d853860693.jpg (image/jpg)
HARD DISK: pronuntiacion /ˈhɑrd ˈdɪsk/ the part inside a computer that stores the information it needs to work. cf90e58f-7c2a-4046-a2f5-08b7d0ea97fa.jpg (image/jpg)
MOUSE: pronunciation /maʊs/. It is a pointing device used to facilitate handling of a graphical environment on a computer. 0ec67daf-1425-4ad7-93e7-6271a9c1debb.jpg (image/jpg)
SCROLL BAR:a long narrow area at the edge of a computer screen used for moving information up, down, or across the screen c3096a57-3a31-40cc-8532-f3814f4ccddb.png (image/png)
MENU: pronunciation /ˈmenjuː/. COMPUTING a list of choices on a computer screen that tells you what you can do in a particular program 108153f0-267e-42cd-b2d6-c2849632dbee.gif (image/gif)
BUTTON: pronunciation /ˈbʌt(ə)n/. a small object that you press to make a machine start working or perform a particular action 0f7ed03d-4cba-4925-8b8e-e6c02f525c1f.jpg (image/jpg)
TITLE BAR: a coloured band across the top of a window on a computer screen that shows the name of the document or program that is open b637929b-95cf-42c1-9574-9adc7c0746c2.jpg (image/jpg)
ICON: pronunciation /ˈaɪkɒn/. COMPUTING a small picture on a computer screen that you choose by pressing a button with the mouse in order to open a particular program fac1f492-5970-4d44-9d28-0d08d907d1f5.jpg (image/jpg)
FOLDER: pronunciation /ˈfəʊldə(r)/. COMPUTING a group of programs or documents stored in a computer, shown by a picture of a folder on the screen 9d161a59-42f3-49b0-b070-555693ea8982.jpg (image/jpg)
FILENAME: pronunciation /ˈfaɪlˌneɪm/. the name that someone gives to a particular computer file 8abfc119-ad18-464d-86ca-f3d266655283.png (image/png)
TAB: pronunciation /tæb/. a small part of something that sticks out from the edge. 87055c83-5623-4a0b-9f71-551232236527.gif (image/gif)
CHECKBOX: pronunciation /ˈtʃekˌbɒks/. a small square on a computer screen that you click on with your mouse to choose a feature 7bf92448-ad3d-4d60-8c0f-b411e1ff03cf.jpg (image/jpg)
RADIO BUTTON:a place on a website or computer screen that looks like a button that the user can press to choose something 364cafef-0767-4d8c-9ffa-eaff4ca98b4d.PNG (image/PNG)
MICROPHONE: pronunciation /ˈmaɪkrəˌfəʊn/. a piece of equipment for making someone’s voice louder when they are speaking, performing, or recording something 939d7644-1270-4bf3-8eb0-b96e0afe258e.jpg (image/jpg)
WEBCAM: pronunciation /ˈwebˌkæm/. a camera connected to a computer that produces images that can be seen on a website 3e5468b9-2a81-4411-adfa-5fafc8570c1e.jpg (image/jpg)
LINK: pronunciation /lɪŋk/. if people, things, or events are linked, they are related to each other in some way 47f511ec-3a7e-48c5-981a-05d5e951350f.jpg (image/jpg)
Access Control List:Access control list. An ACL is a list that specifies the permissions of users on a file, folder or other object. b3d30ab6-9e0b-4a1a-88cd-4d2019de892b.png (image/png)
PASSWORD: pronunciation /ˈpɑːsˌwɜː(r)d/. a secret word or phrase that you need in order to get into a room, building, or area f0cd16eb-0476-4c13-ae9f-25bea6829c80.jpg (image/jpg)
WEB PAGE: a page or document that you can read on a website 00009cf7-6a27-4197-8b4b-975cf503aa8d.gif (image/gif)
ENTER: pronunciation /ˈentə(r)/. to go or come into a place 857a2777-6569-45f1-8a9f-923876b73e0a.png (image/png)
Bandwidth: Number of bits that can travel over a physical medium (coaxial cable, twisted pair, fiber optic, etc.) 517a670f-b157-4a7a-9d31-f8eba2bf3616.png (image/png)
EMAIL: pronunciation: /ˈiːmeɪl/. a system for sending messages from one computer to another. f99d6801-d1e6-4dbe-a095-596e313bdfea.jpg (image/jpg)
CPU: pronunciation /ˌsiː piː ˈjuː/. a central processing unit: the part of a computer that controls what it does 97bd41df-fa65-4bc2-85b3-eb7da027b344.gif (image/gif)
WIFI: pronunciation /ˈwaɪ faɪ/. a set of standards for wireless local area networks. Any wi-fi product can be used with any other wi-fi product. adf9ecb5-8641-4dd4-ad0d-0f1306218e61.png (image/png)
GPS: pronunciation /ˌdʒiː piː ˈes/. global positioning system: a system for finding exactly where you are anywhere in the world using satellites bd013c90-d86d-4a75-a2f4-3701dc7663d6.png (image/png)
DELETE: pronunciation /dɪˈliːt/. to remove or cross out something that has been written e0e49e07-a5b5-4a23-bfb6-174e2e4c5dc2.jpg (image/jpg)
FORWARD: pronunciation /ˈfɔː(r)wə(r)d/. in the direction in front of you 56647f40-14fb-47b4-a6e5-4d83607fa413.png (image/png)
CELL: pronunciation /sel/. COMPUTING a small square in a pattern of squares on a computer spreadsheet for writing numbers or words in e9d19611-88f5-4a00-8ab0-55ad9d2c77fe.jpg (image/jpg)
COLUMN: pronunciation /ˈkɒləm/. a series of short lines of writing or numbers arranged one below the other on a page e7d80636-f101-45f2-8c07-ad00f18b37e6.jpg (image/jpg)
FORMULA: pronunciation /ˈfɔː(r)mjələ/. a plan or method for dealing with a problem or for achieving a result 8919baff-b424-4337-b7a7-024f07337cad.gif (image/gif)
WORKSHEET: pronunciation /ˈwɜː(r)kˌʃiːt/. a piece of paper with exercises on it, used for helping you to learn something 659b05fc-5f0f-4ca2-a6a5-d506a3c29271.gif (image/gif)
TABLE: pronunciation /ˈteɪb(ə)l/. a way of showing detailed pieces of information, especially facts or numbers, by arranging them in rows and lines across and down a page 01087682-7279-4bdd-816c-64ed529ccc35.jpg (image/jpg)
REPORT: pronunciation /rɪˈpɔː(r)t/. a spoken or written account that gives information about a particular subject, situation, or event 06671d6e-ca78-4e8d-bb44-ab15917802fd.jpg (image/jpg)
PROGRAM: pronunciation /ˈprəʊɡræm/. COMPUTING a series of instructions that makes a computer perform an action or a particular type of work 6faa7235-f265-445c-9c6b-89128cb54895.jpg (image/jpg)
PROJECTOR: pronunciation /prəˈdʒektə(r)/. a piece of equipment used for showing films or slides on a screen af16dab2-8777-4195-a27a-734a72214f3e.jpg (image/jpg)
PUSH: pronunciation /pʊʃ/. to press a button on a machine 6a6c61a0-7f03-44b7-88b6-aae16fc52625.jpg (image/jpg)
PLUG: pronunciation /plʌɡ/. an object used for connecting a piece of equipment to an electricity supply. e31cf1e0-17a4-40cb-84c1-6ee9efdad16a.jpg (image/jpg)
PRES: pronunciation /pres/. a machine used for printing newspapers, books, or magazines d568d875-557a-4c9d-87de-37a7dfc6006a.png (image/png)
DISCONNECT: pronunciation /ˌdɪskəˈnekt/. to stop the supply of gas, water, or electricity, or the telephone service to a building ff0e4cd4-5f00-4c61-a5fd-e3854fb51dc2.jpg (image/jpg)
SWITCH: pronunciation /swɪtʃ/.to do someone else’s work in their place, usually in exchange for them doing your work on some other occasion 771bd1a4-8ccf-4fc4-9847-f405b43ee01e.jpg (image/jpg)
SOFTWARE: pronunciation /ˈsɒf(t)ˌweə(r)/. connected with, working with, or caused by software dec4cc85-2e6c-4016-bd45-e408cb2bbd00.jpg (image/jpg)
HARDWARE: pronunciation /ˈhɑːd(r)ˌweə(r)/. computer equipment. Computer programs are called software 584bb82c-76ba-4313-8b35-18a551084d65.gif (image/gif)
RAM:pronunciation /ræm/. random access memory: the part of a computer that programs are put into while you are using them c2b4013f-7dd3-4097-b73a-872bf9c9b263.jpg (image/jpg)
BIOS: pronunciation /ˈbaɪɒs/. basic input/output system: the software that controls the way many basic parts of the computer work, for example the keyboard, screen, and disk drives 40f39529-2f5f-4387-b060-bb2b500ec1c8.png (image/png)
DVD: pronunciation /ˌdiː viː ˈdiː/. an object like a CD that has a film or television programme recorded on it. You play a DVD in a machine called a DVD player. 64beb3ef-b68a-4e83-8567-f47a1aaac7d5.jpg (image/jpg)
ROM: pronunciation /rɒm/.read-only memory: computer memory that is permanent and cannot be changed. Computer memory where you can save and change information is called RAM. 3e4b84d4-b262-46b1-9e17-01a4dffc4cb7.jpg (image/jpg)
WEBINAR:pronunciation /ˈwebɪˌnɑː(r)/.a talk on a subject which is given over the Internet, allowing a group of people in different places to watch, listen and sometimes respond on the same occasion 9ed2b9aa-4724-457a-8f61-6698935ef324.png (image/png)
DOWNLOAD:pronunciation /ˌdaʊnˈləʊd/. to move information to your computer from another computer system or the Internet 05cba923-d6be-4999-bdff-73b6c07b2143.gif (image/gif)
LAN:pronunciation /læn/.local area network: a system that allows computers in the same building or group of buildings to communicate with each other 28c1a0ad-27fc-4e2d-9db5-6c2d9182b780.jpg (image/jpg)
NETWORK: pronunciation /ˈnetˌwɜː(r)k/.COMPUTING a set of computers that are connected to each other so that each computer can send and receive information to and from the other computers 49d1b25a-133f-45cb-90f5-4d1286c29d2a.jpg (image/jpg)
SEARCH:pronunciation /sɜː(r)tʃ/.the process of examining official documents to find information 9cf32932-086b-45fe-94ab-3d8206232e70.jpg (image/jpg)
VPN:pronunciation /ˌviː pi: ˈen/. virtual private network: a way of creating a secure private network using a public encrypted network such as the internet. It is used by businesses for employees to communicate and by people who want to avoid censorship and other online restrictions. 6d0714a4-0d18-4290-8844-41921eb78b61.png (image/png)
CABLE:pronunciation /ˈkeɪb(ə)l/.thick wire covered with plastic that is used for carrying electricity or electronic signals fc47bf69-b88c-48fd-a0e9-61407e2975df.jpg (image/jpg)
BATTERY: pronunciation /ˈbæt(ə)ri/. an object that fits into something such as a radio, clock, or car and supplies it with electricity 5a92d815-73a5-4ea1-bc72-88ab2c0af6c0.jpg (image/jpg)
ADDRESS:pronunciation /əˈdres/. COMPUTING a series of letters, numbers, and symbols that show you where to find a particular website on the Internet 3c23251d-b191-476f-9bd3-3a9332d9064a.png (image/png)
DATABASE: pronunciation /ˈdeɪtəˌbeɪs/. a large amount of information stored in a computer in an organized way that allows individual pieces of information to be found quickly 2d4e4802-bc91-41fb-8717-3742092f87b9.jpg (image/jpg)
LICENCE:pronunciation /ˈlaɪs(ə)ns/.an official document that gives someone permission to do or use something 5fd39508-4cd3-4679-b993-0e0ddb9290a4.png (image/png)
ELECTRICITY: pronunciation /ɪˌlekˈtrɪsəti/.a form of energy that can produce light, heat, and power for machines, computers, televisions etc 49dc9aae-b1e7-4ddc-a145-c8a7d50bacc0.jpg (image/jpg)
VIRTUAL: pronunciation /ˈvɜː(r)tʃʊəl/. almost the same as the thing that is mentioned 485ceb47-50a8-42ab-96bf-74ed64a3d98c.jpg (image/jpg)
GIGABYTE: pronunciation /ˈɡɪɡəˌbaɪt/.a unit for measuring computer information, equal to 1,024 megabytes. The written abbreviation is GB. b5334bf6-1f79-45f0-95a5-4baed1b3bb99.jpg (image/jpg)
GIGAHERTZ: pronunciation. a unit for measuring sound waves, radio waves, and computer speed 560bc7e2-f098-4286-8cd6-007967a0a6c5.jpg (image/jpg)
QUAD: pronunciation /kwɒd/. a quadruplet fd122327-4409-4ace-a618-7e7dd7df7abd.jpg (image/jpg)
MICRO:pronunciation.extremely small: used with some nouns and adjectives 4713ff26-98d9-42e1-b925-7d03b93ddc81.jpg (image/jpg)
NANO: pronunciation /nænəʊ/.one of a thousand million equal parts: used with some nouns 94c209d7-52a3-4040-85b1-ec3db384e4a0.jpg (image/jpg)
TERABYTE: pronunciation /ˈterəˌbaɪt/.a unit for measuring the capacity of a computer system, equivalent to 1012 bytes. The written abbreviation is TB. 0322f680-a8db-4d01-b1ad-808c43155331.jpg (image/jpg)
MEGABYTE:pronunciation /ˈmeɡəˌbaɪt/. a unit for measuring the size of a computer’s memory, equal to just over one million bytes. The written abbreviation is MB. 4ae27d0f-b841-47b2-9f2d-194c70775274.jpg (image/jpg)
KILOBYTE:pronunciation /ˈkɪləʊˌbaɪt/. a unit for measuring computer information, containing 1024 bytes. The written abbreviation is kB. 17692451-4aef-41cf-b902-dfc2672dd017.jpg (image/jpg)
TECHNICAL:pronunciation. involving science or industry f066b84d-fa48-463a-a6d5-9eda79d684a2.jpg (image/jpg)
POWER:pronunciation /ˈpaʊə(r)/ . the ability to influence or control what people do or think ce4a7b11-e528-491a-9839-17d9ebb32b57.jpg (image/jpg)
BLOG:pronunciation /blɒɡ/.a web log: a website containing short articles called posts that are changed regularly. Some blogs are written by one person about their own opinions, interests and experiences, while others are written by many different people. c0ab5881-1f87-4a14-8b00-058ca4a679e0.jpg (image/jpg)
DIGITAL: pronunciation /ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/. storing information such as sound or pictures as numbers or electronic signals a78fe956-2a8e-44e5-b6be-8cea8cae31d0.jpg (image/jpg)
GRAPHICS CARD: the part inside a computer that changes information into images 5b061e11-9181-487e-9350-77e33f43122e.jpg (image/jpg)
ACCOUNTING:pronunciation /əˈkaʊntɪŋ/. the work of accountants or the methods they use b1a0da46-742b-4fb0-ad5f-b8d455a5a059.JPG (image/JPG)
ARRAY:pronunciation /əˈreɪ/. SCIENCE a number of pieces of equipment of the same type, connected together to do a particular job 2c762d95-2094-4626-b1d3-ec767654d635.png (image/png)
SYSTEM: pronunciation /ˈsɪstəm/.a set of connected things that work together for a particular purpose d0578c31-c858-4d07-96ec-a0fa2a5f10b5.jpg (image/jpg)
CLICK: pronunciation /klɪk/.to make a short sound like the sound when you e97c96b8-b187-4e33-bdeb-0a6cb23da3f9.jpg (image/jpg)
SETTING: pronunciation /ˈsetɪŋ/. position that the controls of a piece of equipment are at 9a204857-6999-47e2-8af9-b70081671f5f.png (image/png)
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: the use of computer technology to make computers and other machines think and do things in the way that people can c4c7f212-f617-4333-bf2a-cce1bfe32a2a.jpg (image/jpg)
ATTACH: pronunciation /əˈtætʃ/ . to send something such as a document or piece of extra information with a letter 5cddfd34-7351-46cb-9f00-ced6c8b591e0.jpg (image/jpg)
BACKSLASH: pronunciation /ˈbækˌslæʃ/. the symbol \ used for separating words or numbers, especially in the names of computer files. The similar symbol / is called a forward slash. 8b529cf6-c48c-4028-a41c-613d2e925a4b.png (image/png)
BACKUP:pronunciation /ˈbækʌp/. people or equipment that can be used when extra help is needed 4d49b2e8-493a-4d1d-8e66-c92d861ab15a.png (image/png)
BANDWIDTH: pronunciation /ˈbændˌwɪdθ/. COMPUTING the amount of information that can be sent each second over a network connection. A broadband Internet connection has high bandwidth. fb7371f9-7649-4159-8610-a0502f25af15.png (image/png)
BAUD:pronunciation /bɔːd/. a unit for measuring the speed at which information is sent to or from a computer c21593a0-6167-4332-8114-c3f88ec222d3.jpg (image/jpg)
BIT: pronunciation /bɪt/ . COMPUTING the most basic unit of information that can be stored in a computer 39400126-cab8-497e-b173-f0876f8846d8.jpg (image/jpg)
CACHE MEMORY: an area of a computer’s memory for storing information that is regularly needed 34795753-d389-4e55-b7ec-fbafd64319cf.jpg (image/jpg)
CLICK RATE: the number of times a website is visited in a particular period of time 069ab402-d1c2-4238-8565-b0c34390c0f3.jpg (image/jpg)
COMMAND: pronunciation /kəˈmɑːnd/. COMPUTING an instruction that you give to a computer to make it do something b307d1bf-8030-4ade-9bdd-3952deb77145.jpg (image/jpg)
CONSTRAINT: pronunciation. something that limits your freedom to do what you want 5d04a297-8fe3-4963-a158-2e55f8e6914e.png (image/png)
DESKTOP:pronunciation /ˈdeskˌtɒp/. the background of a computer screen that shows icons of the programs that are available 341b276e-8a27-4579-8cde-3be9700601f2.jpg (image/jpg)
DRIVER: pronunciation /ˈdraɪvə(r)/. COMPUTING software that controls a piece of equipment connected to a computer 13a0b752-9373-425f-a683-5cb09b3ada56.jpg (image/jpg)
ENCRYPT: pronunciation /ɪnˈkrɪpt/. to put information into code (=a system of words, numbers, or symbols that hides its real meaning) 36419e03-0e4a-4903-a1bd-f5020ff07d5b.jpg (image/jpg)
ERROR: pronunciation /ˈerə(r)/. a failure in a computer process 611cca4f-4b62-4ac4-9315-ab989b93df12.jpg (image/jpg)
FIREWALL:pronunciation . COMPUTING a computer program that prevents people from entering a computer system illegally and stealing information or causing damage e07c7af7-c3f0-433d-a533-f8b97fd27c31.jpg (image/jpg)
HOT KEY: a key on a computer keyboard that provides a short way of performing a set of actions 589bc838-0a3d-438f-9e62-71dbfa49a005.jpg (image/jpg)
INBOX: pronunciation /ˈɪnˌbɒks/. the place on a computer program where emails arrive for you c707b973-1be5-4433-8b84-72a1bdb85013.png (image/png)
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