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151. Project managers are identified here. In the project charter.
152. Project completion meets or exceeds the expectations of this group. Stakeholders.
153. Which type of contracts poses the most risk to the buyer? Cost reimbursable
154. Name the purpose of the Perform Quality Assurance process To perform quality activities and quality audits to determine which process should be used to achieve project requirements.
155. Name the purpose of the Manage Stakeholders Expectations process. To satisfy the needs of the stakeholders by managing communications with them, resolving issues, and improving project performance by implementing changes.
156. Plus or minus one standard deviation gives you this probability 68.26 percent
157. Name the technique that smoothes our over – and under allocated resources. Resource leveling.
158. What is the formula for calculating the lines of communication? The number of lines of communication = n(n-1)/2. The n refers to the number of participants.
159. Staying abreast of new management, industry, and technical trends is known as this. Applying professional knowledge.
160. Which two Knowledge Areas have processes in the Closing process group? Project Integration Management and Project Procurement Management.
161. What is the estimating tool that considers schedule risk, and which process is used in? Reserve analysis, which is in the Estimate Activity Duration process.
162. This estimating technique rolls-up estimates for a total Bottom-up
163. These describes the specification of the deliverables Requirements.
164. What is the purpose of the WBS? To define the total scope of work for the project in a deliverable-oriented hierarchical format.
165. This is another name for the PDM. Activity on a node (AON)
166. Name the benefits of meeting quality requirements. Increased stakeholder satisfaction, lower costs, higher productivity, and lees rework.
167. Decomposition improves the accuracy of these activities. Cost and schedule estimates
168. Availability of a key product is an example of what? Assumptions.
169. Results that fall within an acceptable range are known as this Tolerable results or results that are in control
170. Schedule revisions and impacts to the perform measurement baselines occurs as a result of this. Scope change
171. What tools and techniques are included in “additional quality planning tools and techniques”? Brainstorming, affinity diagrams, force fields analysis, Nominal Group Technique, matrix diagrams, and prioritization matrices
172. What are the types of measurement methods? Cost-benefit, scoring models, and benefit contributions methods that include various cash flow techniques and economic models.
173. Describe critical path The critical path is always the longest path through the project. It’s made up of activities with zero float.
174. What is another name for a mandatory dependency? Hard logic
175. Project managers have ultimate authority and power in this type of organizational structure. Projectized
176. NPV assumes the reinvestment at this rate Cost of capital
177. This process measures project performance against the project plan. Monitoring and Controlling
178. Describe the purpose of the project scope statement. It’s a common understanding of project scope and serves as a baseline for future project decisions.
179. Define a critical path task Any task with zero float.
180. This establishes the criteria for planning, structuring, estimating, budgeting, and controlling project costs. Cost management plan
181. Describe the purpose of the risk management plan It describes how you will define, monitor, and control risks throughout the project and is a subsidiary of the project management plan.
182. The lowest level of the RBS can be used for this. As a checklist analysis, which is a tool and technique of the Risk Identification process
183. Which type of contract poses the most amount of risk to the seller? Fixed price
184. Cost baselines might need to be rebaselined as a result of this Budget updates
185. What is the formula for calculation EAC when cost performance is negative and schedule dates must be met? EAC = AC + [(BAC - EV) / (cumulative CPI * cumulative SPI)]
186. Many other cultures focus on this first before getting down business Building a personal relationship
187. Name the Close Project inputs Project management plan, accepted deliverables, and organizational process assets.
188. Which Procurement processes should be completed when you’re procuring products or services from within and organization. Only Plan Procurements needs to be performed when you’re procuring goods or services from within an organization.
189. What is the most difficult aspect of the Direct and Manage Executions process? Coordinating an integrating all the project elements.
190. What is the highest level of need according to Maslow? Self-actualization.
191. What technique compares the value of future cash flows to today’s dollars? Discount cash flows technique
192. Define the major elements of a project scope statement Product scope description, product acceptance criteria, deliverables, exclusions, constraints, and assumptions.
193. Describe fast tracking. Beginning two activities at the same time that were previously schedule to start sequentially.
194. Project managers share authority and power with functional managers in this type of organization. Matrix
195. Schedule revisions and impacts to the performance measurement baselines occur as a result of this. Scope change
196. Cause-and-effect diagrams, control charts, flowcharting , histograms, Pareto charts, run charts, scatter diagrams, statistical sampling, inspection, and approved change requests are tools and techniques of which process? Perform Quality Control
197. Cost baselines may need to be rebaselined as a result of these Budget updates
198. Poor scope definitions can cause this Higher project costs, rework, schedule changes, and low morale.
199. These limit, or restrict, the activities of the project team. Constraints
200. What is another name for analogous estimating? Top-down estimating.
201. Describe RBS and where it’s used. RBS is a risk breakdown structure and is a way to categorize risks. It’s an element of the risk management plan
202. Obtaining bids and proposals, selecting a vendor and awarding a contract are the primary purposes of this process. Conduct Procurements
203. Name the purpose of a change control system This describes how to submit changes requests and how they’re managed, tracks status, and describes management impacts of the change. They are a subset of the configuration management system
204. Changes to project scope should always be reflected in this. Product scope
205. What you must abide by when working in foreign countries. Laws, rules, and regulations of the country.
206. What is the best way to ensure that cultural or ethical differences do not hinder your project? Provide training to project team members
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