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7870135f-6d44-459e-907d-6a75e14ff223.jpg (image/jpg) Texel (Terminal Sire)
b27f83cf-656d-4ae4-bd92-98947e4f991c.jpg (image/jpg) Suffolk (Terminal Sire)
Definition of a "Terminal Sire"? A sheep bred with a mule to produce a slaughter lamb. Hence the term "terminal". Texel, Suffolk, Beltex and Dorset are all terminal sires.
Definition of a "crossing sire"? A sheep used to produce a mule.. Cheviot, Bluefaced leicester and Border Leicester are all mixed with a Scottish Blackface to produce a mule.
What type of sheep is a texel? Terminal sire.
What type of sheep is a Suffolk? Terminal sire.
What type of sheep is a Cheviot? Crossing sire.
What type of sheep is a Beltex? Terminal Sire.
What type of sheep is a Dorset? Terminal Sire.
What type of sheep is a Bluefaced Leicester? Crossing sire.
What type of sheep is a border Leicester? Crossing Sire.
A Scottish Blackfaced sheep mixed with a crossing Sire produces what? A Mule.
A Mule mixed with a terminal sire produces what? A prime lamb. (Slaughter lamb)
133e6caa-d16a-4e36-876c-5f467a607b4d.jpg (image/jpg) Beltex. (Terminal Sire)
e9729f6f-b57a-4d70-b7f0-d4f882b0aced.jpg (image/jpg) Border Leicester (Crossing Sire)
d8ab9655-9330-4224-b9a5-96648feeaf7d.jpg (image/jpg) Bluefaced Leicester. (Crossing Sire)
850fe1ea-13dc-4ce3-8493-55ea49fcf550.jpg (image/jpg) Dorset (Terminal Sire)
c8cbc3b8-0f89-4d0b-beab-68d847910887.jpg (image/jpg) Cheviot (Crossing Sire)
What are these sheep? adebba40-79c8-4327-9b6e-eb06432145ef.jpg (image/jpg) A Scottish Blackface and two mules.
What are these sheep? 9f398284-ba53-4613-b2b4-e42b5a396c0b.jpg (image/jpg) A mule and two prime lambs.
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