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Preliminary Task: Front cover, Medium shot, including a masthead and appropriately laid text
Front Cover Consideration: * Position of text and features on page * Position and size of masthead * Weather audience can see and recognise star from far away on a crowded newsstand * Use of light, colour, negative space, framing, eye level of star, plain background
Presentations: * How you choose to filter image, to appeal to target audience, exclude elements don’t want * Filters include: hair, clothes, makeup, accessories, facial expressions, posture, eye contact (Mise-en-scene) * Filter the representation by altering: mode of address, colour, shot type
Magazine Profile: * Name of the magazine * Target audience * Brand identity * Unique selling point (having a short, catchy name like NME is a unique selling point – being easy and recognisable able)
Magazine Conventions: * Tag line * Masthead * Colour scheme * Pull out quotes * Anchor * Tag line * Design features
Masthead Ideas: * District 6th Form * Fallibroome Format
Key Image Ideas: * Wind blowing * Instruments * Friends * Nature
Key Coverline Ideas: * 6th Form has never been so good * Your first source of information
Other Coverline Ideas: * Winter Ball is slowly dancing around * Exam Tips To Tip you up the grade * Driving Lesson Vouchers
Key Learning Point: Through this research I have found out the importance of eye contact from the star on the front cover key image, to connect both the reader with their favour star.
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