Phrasal Verbs

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Phrasal Verbs

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Explode Blow up (Explotar)
Stop working, for a car or machine Break down (Averiarse un coche o una máquina)
Look at Check (something) out (examinar, echar un vistazo. Es transitivo y separable)
Clean it until it is back to its original state Clean it up (Dejarlo limpio, como estaba antes)
Closing permanently Close down (Cerrado)
If you find something that you weren't looking for Find by chance Come across (something) (Encontrarse algo por casualidad) (Encontrarse con)
To ​enter a ​room or ​building Come in (Entrar (Cuando nos referimos al lugar en el que nos encontramos))
Expression used to tell someone to do something faster Come on (¡¡Vamos!!)
To ​visit someone in ​their ​home Come round (Visitar a alguien en su casa)
When you've thought of an idea Come up with (Surgir una idea)
Become less hot Cool down (Enfriar)
When you cut paper or material to make a separate shape Cut (something) out (Cortar)
To wear ​formal ​or special clothes Dress up (Disfrazarse - ir elegante)
To wear ​formal ​or special clothes Dress up (Disfrazarse - ir elegante)
If you believe a story, joke or trick (that someone invented) Fall for (something) (Dejarse engañar)
Argue with and become not friendly with Fall out with (Discutir con, enemistarse)
Make full Fill up (Llenar)
Discover Find out (Descubrir)
If you have a lot of clothes, it can be difficult to Get (something) into (Meter algo dentro)
When someone borrows something from you Give (something) back (Devolver algo que te habían prestado)
Going on holiday or ona trip Go away (Irse, viajar, salir fuera )
Return Go back (Volver)
To ​enter a ​room or ​building Go in (Entrar (Cuando nos referimos a un sitio diferente del que estamos))
Visit Go round to (Visitar)
When you give something like a letter or homework assignment to someone in autorithy Hand (something) in (Entregar en mano)
Give something to somebody Hand (something) over (Dar/entregar algo a alguien)
Wait Hang on (Esperar)
Help with a particular situation Help out (Ayudar, echar una mano)
Another way to say 'Wait!' Hold on (Esperar)
If you want someone to do something quickly Hurry up (Darse prisa)
Be responsible for, care for Look after (Cuidar)
Happy and excited about something that is going to happen Look forward to (Esperar con emoción a alguién o algo que va a ocurrir)
Making it dirty or untidy Messing it up (Ensuciar)
Return the money to somebody Pay (somebody) back (devolver un dinero prestado)
Stop the car by the side of the road Pull over (Pararse a un lado de la carretera)
Distract Put (someone) off (Distraer, aplazar, retrasar)
Make something operate or play Put on (Ponerse)
Finish somebody's available supply of Run out of (something) terminar algo, agotar algo (gastándolo poco a poco), es inseparable
Saving money to buy Save up for (Ahorrar)
Start the journey Set off (Empezar un viaje)
If you stay in the same place for a while Stick around (Quedarse)
Considering Thinking of (Considerando, pensando)
When you put rubbish in the bin Throw (something) away (Tirar la basura)
Increase the volumen of the music Turn (the music) up (Subir (volumen, etc)
Arrive Turn up (llegar)
When you've resolved a problem, especially by thinking a lot Work out (something) (Resolver)
Not take something with them Leave (something) behind (Olvidar, dejar atrás)
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