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matches fosforo
nightmare terrible
superbug drug-proof a type of bacteria that cannot be treated using antibiotics resistant to drugs
a biopic film about the life of a real person
food chain cadeia alimentar
crumbling falling into pieces
relieved alleviated
restlessly impatiently
ward off the cold afastando o frio
hoarder materialista
landfill sewerage system aterro rede de esgoto
initiative .
queue som de killll fila
these people are standing in a queue to get into the cinema .
outwork work harder than everybody else
heartburn azia
misdiagnosis diagnostico errado
crackheads noias viciados em crak
feces fezes
handicapped person pessoa deficiente
haven refugio paraiso
tears lagrimas
frail fragil
ribs costelas
for instance por exemplo
I'll ask you something... if you get it right you can play... .
taboo tabu
lisa got married at 21 the car was travelling at 50 km an hour whe the accident happened water boils at 100 degrees Celsius .
we watched the news on the television we listened to the news on the radio I spoke to carol on the phone last night the house is on fire. call the fire brigade was the train late? no it was on time .
how wide the window? It is two meters wide. largura
to reduce risk of a heart attack or stroke doencas do corqcao
outsider fora do ninho
outlet valvula de escape
eventually finalmente
quaint antractive
well looked after bem cuidado
unspoiled intocado
hectic corrido
up to date modern
peaceful pacifica
ugly feia
stunning deslumbrante
welcoming acolhedor
slow and unhurried tranquila demais o tempo nao passa
reserved .
over developed muito desenvolvido
polltuted . up to date
incredibly incrivelmente
be exposed to ser exposto
in a mess sujeira
tremendously tremendamente
a love-hate relationship uma relacao de amor e odio
one big financial struggle uma grande luta financeira
pay your way trough college ?
the suburbs ?
self-pity pena de si mesmo
long for (verb) ?
all at once de repente
every now and again .
once and for all de uma vez por todas
minute by minute .
for good .
the other day outro dia encontrei fulano
all night long a noite toda
in the nick of time cheguei em cima da hora
for hours and end por horas a fio
over and over again explucar de novo e denovo
harrowing ?
driving in sp is horrowing you need ti spend about 2 hours in the traffic jam .
takes a real tall ?
easily get puffed when i always see you I easily get puffed
itchy feet ?
I'm really into in..... interessado
it's a really big deal bom negocio
doesn't get it .
a big shot .
language barrier .
greenery ?
spring-cleaning lipeza profunda no quarto ou em qlqr outro lugar limpeza de fim de ano
out of hand nada sob controle
get rid of descartar algo q vc nao precisa mais
materialism apego
minimalist vida simples sem apego
evaluate avaliar se algo é importante
sentimental value valor sentimental
labelled marcas famosas
give up abandon
put up with tolerate
blow up detonate
put off postpone
vomit throw up
omit leave out
accelerate speed up
melted derretido
mouth-watering agua na boca
chocoholic viciado em chocolate
charity caridade
the dodo was KILLED OF by hunters. they are now extinct. exterminados da terra
hangover ressaca
teetotal aquele q nao bebe nada alcolico
boozy lots of alcohol
personal belongings pertences pessoais
fire marshals brigada de incendio
beliave acreditar
beliefes crença
boy - boys spy - spies plural
westners ocidentais
pinpoint apontar
prompt pronto
lack of exercises falta de exercicio
chernobyl's legacy 30 years on on = after. later
set some goals defina algumas metas
knock over be careful don't knock your cup over a man was knocked over by car a man knocked down by a car
pay back thank you for lending me the money. I'll pay you back next week.
put away the children put their toys away
try on this is a nice jacket can i try it on?
cross out descartar if you made a mistake cross it out
bulldozer trator
throw away these apples are bad can i trow them away?
knock down demolir derrubar
turn up turn down the music is too loud can you turn it down? can you turn the radio up? i cant hear it.
give up tom gave up smoking five years ago
round / around em torno
grapple lutar com desafio gana garra
vulnerable vulneravel
unrest manifestacao coxinha
long line ups ?
awards premiacao
the animals in Africa often are slaughtered ?
ash flows? ?
setting out estabelecendo
some people think maria sharapovas reputation has been tarnished ?
will likely get more expensive provavelmente
the lack of rain has reduced crop ?
sometimes we need to take steps to protect their online privacy ?
people shouldn't buy ivory marfim
never mind deixa pra la
bruise dont worry you haven't broken your arm its just a bruise
put out the fire brigade arrived a d put the fire out
swamps pantano
lowland planicie
accomplishments realizacoes talento
called wimp banana covarde
CHASING some stupid ball perseguindo...
features caracteristicas
father further farther pai ir longe em algo vai pra tras....
good mood bom humor
pattern padrao modelo exemplo
hold on espere
get on como esta indo
take off the plane took off 20 minutes later but landed on time
speak up fale alto
hurry up se apressa
wash up lavar
slowdown vai devagaf
break down quebrar total
fall over cair
heiress heranca
ally the enemies becomes an ally
showdown the final dramatic showdown
i love the crisp morning air ar fresco da manha
beneath submarine beneath the surface
carry on continue
jews judeus
skillet frigideira frying pan
spurious falso
horrific terrivel
her leg is in plaster gesso
raw cru
stains o my clothes manchas nodoas
molten rocks rocha fundida
suitable adequado
deny negar
claimed reivindicar
attempt tentativa
arsenal collection of weapons
nukes slang word for nuclear weapons
deterrent something that prevents people doing something
upgrade improve the quality of something
The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. .
diabetes a condition where the body can't control the amount of glucose in the blood
glucose sugar
on the rise increasing
obesity very overweight
processed food food that has been changed from its natural state, for example, by freezing or dehydrating it, or by adding ingredients to it such as sugar, salt or fat
urbanisation the growth of towns and cities as people move there from the countryside to live and work
continuum something that changes slowly over time
tipping point a point when small changes become significant enough to cause a big change
shady something or someone
pressing needs quick action
scene (here) place where an incident happened
malnutrition bad health caused by a poor diet
so-called (adjective) named informally by many people
light (B1) make something start to burn light (B1) brightness shed light on (C2) give new information to help explain a situation light (A1) pale in colour out like a light (C1) sleeping deeply in the light of (C1) because of certain facts brings to light (C2) reveals something previously unknown .
Linking 'r' Words that are spelt with an 'r' at the end use the /r/ sound to link to the next word if that word begins with a vowel. Some examples of phrases where this might happen include: Can somebody call for an ambulance? I haven't read War and Peace. You've got something in your eye.
probe (here) a device for gathering information
orbit the circular path one object takes around another in space
spacecraft vehicle used in space
hostile (here) difficult or dangerous
core (here) the centre
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