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What is Tourism? The short term movement of people to places away from where they live or work.
Define Mass Tourism Large numbers of people visiting the same area
What is a Package Holiday? A tour where transport, accommodation and food are all included in one price
Define a Short Haul flight A short distance flight of less than 3 hours
What is a Long Haul flight? A flight over a long distance taking more than 3 hours to reach the destination
What is a Specialist holiday? A holiday based on a particular area, interest or activity
Define Fair Trade Tourism Makes sure the benefits go directly to those whose land, natural resources, work, knowledge and culture is being used
What is Event Tourism? Travel based around specific events such as sport, culture, historical
What is the Development Gap? The difference between the rich and the poor
What is a Honey Pot Site? An area of attractive scenery or built attraction which attracts vast numbers of tourists
Define Volatility Someone or something which is prone to change
What is Eco-tourism? Holidays that do little or no damage to the local environment and local community
What is Corporate Responsibility? How a company manages its impact on the local communities and the environment
Define the Wilderness An undeveloped and isolated environment
What is the Positive Multiplier Effect? The cumulative benefit which tourism brings to an area (Cumulative - how one benefit leads to another)
What is Community Tourism? Tourism run by locals
What is a History Holiday? It is the story of the local trade - donations are made to the story teller
What is the Human Development index and how is it measured? Ranking of countries in order of development according to three factors: GNI, life expectancy and educational attainment.
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