4.6.3 Temperature control

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Where is body temperature monitored and controlled? In the thermoregularity centre in the brain
How does the thermoregularity centre detect temperature change? It has receptors that are sensitive to the temperature of the blood flowing through the brain
What do temperature receptors in the skin do? They send impulses to the thermoregularity centre, giving information about skin temperature
What happens if the core body temperature is too high? Blood vessels supplying the skin capillaries dilate so that more blood flows through the capillaries and more heat is lost Sweat glands release more sweat, which cools the body as it evaporates
What must you do to balance the loss of water when the body is hot (from sweating)? More fluid has to be taken through drink or food
What happens if the core body temperature is too low? Blood vessels supplying the skin capillaries constrict to reduce the flow of blood through the capillaries Muscles may 'shiver' - their contraction needs respiration, which releases some energy to warm the body
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