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what do waves transfer ? energy
Describe the relationship between oscillation and direction of energy transfer in longitudinal and transverse waves In a transverse wave the oscillations are perpendicular to the direction of energy transfer. In longitudinal waves the oscillations are parallel to the direction of energy transfer
What do electromagnetic waves have in common ? They all travel at the same speed in a vacuum
list the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum from longest wavelength to shortest radio microwave infrared visible ultraviolet x ray gamma
how does energy and frequency and wavelength change as you go from radio to gamma rays frequency increases wavelength decreases energy increases
are electromagnetic waves, sound waves and mechanical waves longitudinal or transverse electromagnetic = transverse sound = longitudinal mechanical = can be either
what is the range of wavelengths for electromagnetic waves 10-15 meters to 104 meters
draw a diagram to illustrate a longitudinal wave in terms of compressions and rare factions 2cec006f-eba9-4d87-ba55-61ee88f02a52.png (image/png)
when does significant diffraction occur ? when the wavelength of the wave is the same as the gap or obstical
when are waves not diffracted when the pass along the normal
what is the frequency of a wave the number of waves generated per second
what is the amplitude of a wave the height of a wave
what is the wavelength of a wave the distance from peak to peak of the wave
describe how radio waves , infrared , visible light can be used for communication radio waves - tv , radio microwaves - mobile phones satellite tv infr red - remote controls vis light - photography
draw a ray diagram of a flower in a plane mirror cb18f76e-3852-4c0d-9048-f2be0358868c.PNG (image/PNG)
what determines pitch of a sound and what determines its loudness the pitch of a sound is determined by its frequency and loudness by its amplitude
what is the Doppler effect if a wave source is moving relative to an observer there will be a change in the observed wavelength and frequency. the waves source could be light, sound or microwaves. when the source moves away from the observer the observed wavelength increases and the frequency decreases.
what is red shift there is an observed increase in the wavelength of light from most distant galaxies. the further away the galaxies are, the faster they are moving , and the bigger the observed increase in wavelength.
how does red shift provide evidence that the universe is expanding and support the big bang theory red shift shows galaxies are moving away from each other / earth more distant galaxies show bigger red-shift more distant galaxies are moving away faster suggests single point of origin of universe
what does a frequency of 440 Hz mean 440 waves produced in one second
what is a virtual image image cannot be formed on a screen
c5c91f47-5073-4e3a-a397-a2b40a882eba.PNG (image/PNG) a38dc1a8-4b67-493d-8265-b9e385d590dd.PNG (image/PNG)
what information can scientists find out about a galaxy when they measure the red shift the galaxy produces distance from the earth speed they are moving
what properties do radio and microwaves have in common travel at same speed in vacuum transfer energy
what are the properties of microwaves that allow them to be used for satellite communications can pass through ionosphere
in hilly areas it may be possible to receive radio signals but not receive terrestrial tv signal - why ? for waves to diffract around hills the wavelength need to be similar to the obstacle / gap tv doesn't have a long enough wavelength to diffract well
why was the discovery of CMBR so important to the scientists believing the big bang theory was correct can only be explained by the big bang existence predicted by big bang theory provides further evidence for the big bang
how is the wave length of CMBR likely to change in future increase as universe continues to accelerate outwards (expand)
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