6.4 Sexual reproduction in plants

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What does sexual reproduction in flowering plants involve? The production of male & female gametes The transfer of male gametes to female ovules in a process called pollination fertilisation, after which ovules grow into seeds within a fruit
What does the anther produce? The male gametes in pollen grains
What do the pollen grains attach to? The stigma on top of a carpel, in which the female gametes (ovules) are located
Where does a pollen tube grow? Through the carpel's style into the ovule
Where do the nuclei from the pollen grain migrate into and why? The ovule to fertilise the egg cell nucleus and endosperm nuclei
What does the resulting zygote develop into? An embryo
What do the endosperm and the female tissues of the ovule do? Give rise to seed
What then happens to the ovary? It grows into a fruit, which surrounds the seed(s)
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