Mate Classification Is Some-thin like groups also U are in them too! (REALLY) ╘[◉﹃◉]╕ ╘[◉﹃◉]╕

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Classification The process of putting things in groups
Dichotomous key A key with two choices at each stage
Pest Species An animal species that cause problems and isn't wanted int he area
Taxonomist A scientist who specialises in grouping & naming things
Taxonomy The science of grouping and naming things
Weed A group name for any plant growing where it's not wanted
Agnatha A jaw-less fish with an internal skeleton made of cartilage
Amphibians Chordates that live both in and out of water
Animal One of the five kingdoms of livings
Annelids Phylum of the animal kingdom consisting of the segmented worms
Arthropods Animals with an exoskeleton and jointed limbs(also has 8 legs)
Aves Animals with feathers covering their body; lay hard-shelled eggs & are endothermic
Cartilage Flexible material from which the skeletons of agnatha & chondrichthyes are made
Kingdom The first level of classification
Endoskeleton A skeleton inside the body
Exoskeleton A skeleton on the outside of the body
Vertebrates Animals with backbones
Invertebrates Animals without backbones
Nematodes Phylum of the animal kingdom consisting of the roundworms
Reptiles Animals with scales and are cold blooded
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