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Ecosystems: Definitions Biosphere: Contains all the world's plant and animal life Biodiversity: The variety of the plant and animal life in the world or in one particular habitat, a high level of which is considered important of desirable. Biomes: A large naturally occurring community of forests or fauna occupying a major habitat. Climate: The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period. Latitude: The angular distance of a place north or south of the equator. Biomass: Weight of living material.
Types of Ecosystems: Temperate Grassland: Grasses dominate because climate is unsuitable for the growth of trees + shrubs. Occurs in dry continental interiors of North America. Mountains: Occurs in high mountains. Climate is similar to tundra. Very cold due to decrease in altitude. SNOW.
Tropical Forest: Warm+Humid. Close to equator. High temperature and rainfall. Vegetation grows quickly. Savannah: Found along the equator. Climate is dry. Primary productivity is low. Tall trees and scattered bushes. Extensive in Africa. Desert: Lack of vegetation due to lack of rainfall. Extends over a wide range of latitudes. Biome experiences a range of different temperatures. Tundra. Long+Cold winters. Strong winds and little precipitation. Vegetation is typically stunted+grow close to the ground. Grasses,mosses+lichen.
Coniferous Forest: Occurs in high latitudes and stretches as a belt across North America+Eurasia. Leaves of the trees are needle like to withstand the cold and loss of moisture. Deciduous Forest: Low winter temperature. Trees shed leaves. 3 main areas- North America, Europe, East Asia. Mediterranean
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