Convection, Evaporation & Condensation

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How does convection work? When more energetic particles move from a hot region to a cooler region and take the heat energy with them. The air will rise when hot as it is less dense and sink when cool as it is more dense.
Explain how condensation happens. When the gas cools the particles merge closer together, as they loose kinetic energy, and slow down. This turns the gas into a liquid
Explain evaporation. The liquid particles heat up, giving them more energy, making them spread out turning the substance into a gas, allowing the particles to leave the liquid, taking heat energy which cools it down
Give four factors that will speed up evaporation. Higher temperature Lower density Larger surface area Greater air flow over liquid
Give four factors that will speed up condensation. Temperature of gas is lower Temperature of the surface the gas touches is lower Higher density Airflow is less
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