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to produce something for a particular porpuse, or a particular group of people aim at
when an independent person examines all the financial records of a company to produce a official report audit
usual and like the most common type average
to mix two or more things together completely blend
a part of somthing, especially a machine component
dishonest or immoral behaviour corruption
made to look like the real thing, in order to trick people counterfeit
to give something out to people or places distribute
to make something or someone late or slow hold up
done in the offices of a company ny employees of that company in-house production
when workers stop working or do less work because they want better pay or conditions industrial action
an agreement in which you pay a company money and they pay your costs if you have an accident, injury,etc insurance
the money needed to pay workers in a company or a country labour costs
to give a official permission to do or have something license
the chances that happen in the the life of an animal, plant or product life cycle
the amount of time that a person lives or a thing exists lifespan
a desing or symbol used by a company to advertice its products logo
when you do not have something or someone that you had before loss
if a company outsources work, it employs another organisation outsource
a large factory where an industrial process happens production plant
to decide or arrange to do something at a later time put off
to increase the rate at which goods are produced raise productivity
to tear or cut something into small, thin pieces shred
a periot of time when people are not working because they want more money strike
a large conteiner used for mixing or storing liquid sudstances, especially in a factory vat
a larger piece of paper showing the days , weeks and months of the year wall planner
to remove something especially because of an official decision withdraw
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