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Define the concept of norms Norms are social rules that define the acceptable and expected ways of behaving in a given social situation e.g. wearing a seat belt in a car. Norms are specific to social situations for example, dancing would be normal in a nightclub but not at a funeral. Norms are based on values, we value politeness, the norms is to open a door for someone.
Define the concept of values Values represent beliefs and ideas which form the basis for choices and preferences e.g. what is desirable, proper, good etc. Values change between cultures e.g. British culture values democracy, achievement and wealth, other cultures may not see these as important. Some values are consistent with time and others change. For example, being polite is a value held in the UK over many years however values on marriage are changing.
Define the concept of status Status refers to a persons social position in society e.g. 'Mother' or a 'Worker'. A status can be either ascribed or achieved. e.g. being a king is ascribed but being a doctor is achieved. Status can be defined by your role. For example a surgeon has a high status. The working class have a low status.
Define the concept of culture Culture is the way of life, this includes norms, values, food etc. e.g. Muslim faith does not allow it's followers to eat certain types of food(pork). British culture has certain norms and values such as manners. A value in our society is being polite and the norms is please and thank you. Culture is learnt through socialization. The way of life of the parents is passed on to their children e.g. how they dress.
Define the concept of roles Roles are expected patterns of behavior of a person or group relating to their position. For example a doctor is expected to be polite and sensible. Sometimes people have more than on role and this may lead to conflict. e.g. Being a mother and a teacher, you may be unable to care for your child when you're marking work.
Define the concept of high culture High culture refers to the cultural practices that are associated with the powerful and wealthy elite or upper class e.g. opera, classical literature and intellectual films. Supporters of high culture believe these activities activities are special because they represent the nations cultural heritage. These cultural practices tend to require high levels of education e.g. Ballet. Theorists have different views on high culture. Marxists believe that the definition of high culture is determined by the ruling class.
Define the concept of pop culture Pop culture refers to activities enjoyed by the masses e.g. Hollywood films, soap operas and pop music. Different theorists have different thoughts about pop culture. Postmodernists see it as an important development and argue it has increased peoples choices about lifestyle and identity. Marxists view pop culture as harmful because they see that it discourages critical thought, they also see it as contributing to consumer culture.
Define the concept of subcultures A subculture is a culture that is shared with a small group within society e.g. religious groups. They have distinct norms and values that make them different. for example youth groups such as 'goths' and 'emos'.
Charlotte Butler : Study of teenagers She studied a group of East Midlands teenage second and third generation Muslim girls and looked at their attitudes and beliefs on a range of topics and issues. She found that families are important in shaping the identities of young Muslim women. While they want their independence through education and a career, they don't want to break family links.
Anwar - Asian families Argued that Asian families socialize children into a pattern of obligation, loyalty and religious commitment, which, in most cases, they accept.However, he noted three issues that were seen to be causing tension between Pakistani parents and children in regard to their cultural identity: 1) Western clothes, especially for girls. 2) Arranged marriage. 3) The question of freedom
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