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What animal is my best friend ?

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Is it a a) dog b) fly c) frog ? 63d1d8a2-1625-4e2b-8764-c011bbff411b.JPG (image/JPG) frog
Is it a a) mouse b) monkey c) horse ? 65eb8d93-0766-42ac-9528-56044709bec1.JPG (image/JPG) monkey
Is it a a) frog b) bird c) fish 599dd926-9235-41b6-a2a4-5d81053b81d2.JPG (image/JPG) fish
Is it a a) dog b) bear c) rabbit a8119766-4e28-459f-b165-e64a1c4b3c61.JPG (image/JPG) dog
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