20.2 Vaughan Lesson VOCABULARY

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VOCABULARIO: filling, Spaqhetti; Fork; Spoon; Plate ; Bowl ; Rice; Chopsticks.

Vicki Diaz
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Question Answer
5812c9e7-78a0-4f81-a4c3-9bd360eedd0b.png (image/png) filling llenando
45bb84f3-4699-4e65-aea4-ea441be6a0ce.jpg (image/jpg) spaghetti
71776bcf-063f-4ba4-9a39-080788a0a126.jpg (image/jpg) fork
183df68e-53ed-46e9-9c21-77e0f3d5a716.jpg (image/jpg) Spoon
ab3ee637-80a6-4eb5-acaf-810bb6eecff3.jpg (image/jpg) plate
25731392-4cce-447e-8336-134d79e39b54.jpg (image/jpg) bolw/ cuenco
7b5f526a-cf29-4a8a-aab0-5a7a3a008674.jpg (image/jpg) rice
d8134e89-0ca1-445f-8fb3-3ef25741dfeb.jpg (image/jpg) chopsticks
5817e417-7578-46c1-a529-d7f264a2d55a.png (image/png) PONTE A PRUEBA Estudia bien la imagen y Responde las preguntas
Are Aki Morita and Luigi Barghuni in an office? No, they´re not
are they in an airport? No they´re not
where are they? 76ea8c80-6d2d-4587-97a4-44136e898611.png (image/png) they´re in a restaurant
Is Luigi aeting paella? ne, he´s not
whats´s he eating? he´s eating spaghetti.
is Aki eating spaghetti too? no, he¨s not
what´s he eating? he´s eating riice
is the rice on a plate? 46fc2a2c-492c-486d-afa5-cd11a334b924.png (image/png) no, it¨s not
is the rice in a bowl? yes, it is
is Luigi holding a glass of wine? 2de39bb8-c663-493e-9b00-14f0b93c1f4d.png (image/png) no, he´s not
what´s he holding? he¨s holding a fork and a spoon
Is Aki holding a fork and spoon too? 1db3a0d2-30be-4a53-8b8d-7bfd66ed12f1.png (image/png) No, he´s not
what´s he holding? he´s holding a bottle of wine
What´s he doing with the bottle of wine? a7e80b39-1c1e-4c78-a0ac-a0929b58fe85.png (image/png) he´s fiilling Luigi´s glass with wine.
Are they having dinner? no, they´re not
are they having breakfast? no, they´re not
what are they having? They´re having lunch
what time is it? 36011994-2684-4766-8483-9ea2486061ea.png (image/png) it´s half past two (or two thrty)
how many glasses are there on the table? there are two
2435c1ff-22e8-4c48-8753-0b3185523377.png (image/png) Is Luigi looking at the watch? Is he looking at Aki?.
a6fd5481-fdbf-46d3-b8c7-73e81a347e2d.png (image/png) .Is Aki smiling? Is Luigi smiing too?
79936519-1e95-4ff5-b03c-785aed25f115.png (image/png) .Are they having dinner? Are they having lunch? Are they sitting or standing?
c138c0d4-365c-491f-85b2-cbacc8f09a32.png (image/png) Are they wearing ties? Are they wearing suits? Is Aki using a fork and spoon?