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all of India key dates, events and people

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What is basically the 1919 Government of India Act? Home rule eventually but the change will be gradual
India after the Montague/Chelmsford reforms was called a...? dyarchy (two part power)
summary of the 1st non cooperation movement successful - centred around the indigo workers
What did the 2nd non cooperation movement start in response to? The British support for General Dyer
Who set up the Home Rule leagues? Annie Besant and Tilak
What is "swadesh"? A Boycott
What is meant by "swaraj"? Self rule
Who benefited from the partition of Bengal and why? Muslims because they now held majority in that state
Who was the Viceroy who partitioned Bengal in 1905? Lord Curzon
Who was the stated leader of the Cabinet Mission? (April 1946) Pethick-Lawrence
Who was the actual leader of the Cabinet Mission? (1946) Stafford Cripps
Who was the leader of the INA? Bose
Who was the most powerful member of the Interim government? Nehru
Who became the last Viceroy in 1947? Mountbatten
What restrictions were made by the Rowlatt Act? strict war time controls, curfews, rations, 3 people in a group at one time etc
What sparked Gandhi to do a 2nd non-cooperation movement? The British's response to the Amritsar Massacre
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