Fundamentals of Cardiovascular System

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Circulatory System Transports fluids thru body (cardiovascular + lymphatic)
Cardiovascular System heart and blood vessels for blood transportation
What are the 2 types of circulations of the heart? The pulmonary and systemic circulations
Pulmonary Circulation LOW oxygen blood from the right ventricle through the lungs then HIGH oxygen blood into the left atrium
Systemic Circulation HIGH oxygen blood in left ventricle thru the body via systemic ARTERIES. exchange O2 for CO2 in capillaries LOW O2 blood back to heart in right atrium via systemic VEINS
What are the 3 types of blood vessels? Arteries, Veins, and Capillaries
Arterioles final distributing vessels deliver HIGH O2 blood to capillaries
Capillaries junction for exchange between arteries and veins
Capillary Beds where the interchange of O2, nutrients, waste products, and other with the extracellular fluid occurs
Venules thin walled vessel where blood from the capillary bed passes into and drain into small veins then medium then large veins
Largest Veins Superior and Inferior Vena Cava return LOW O2 blood to heart
What are the pressures in the arteries and veins? Low pressure in the veins, high pressure in the arteries.
What lines all of the blood vessels? Endothelial cells
Anastomoses communications between multiple branches of an artery provides many ways for blood to flow in case of obstruction
Is there more veins or arteries in the body? More veins. 1 artery for every 2 veins usually
Vascular Sheath fascial tissue enclosing accompanying veins with one artery helps with arteriovenous pumping
Portal Venous System blood passing through 2 capillary beds before returning to the heart Ex. Hepatic Portal System