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Sources Of Food
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Sourced of Food
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Sources of food
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source of food
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Sources of food
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Source of food
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How to test for pH? Litmus paper: Acidic=blue-red Alkaline=red-blue Universal indicator: Acidic=red Alkaline=blue/green Neutral=green Data logger Acidic= < 7 Alkaline= >7 Neutral= 7
Why do people use Slash-and-Burn? * A method to clear the land. + It is a cheap and easy method. - Cause haze and air pollution. - Eye irritation and breathing problem. - Forest fires. - Soil erosion. - Loss of natural habitats -> leads to extiction of wildlife.
What are the different types of protection of crops? Chemical control and Biological control.
How to improve food production? 1) Plant hormones. (Improve growth ripening of fruits) 2) Improve plant and animals varieties. 3) Intensive production methods. (Milking farm/Fish farm tanks) 4) High-tech methods.(Vertical farming/Hydroponics/Areoponics)
What are the effects of chemical controls? 1) Soil contamination 2) Water contamination 3) Chemicals enter the food chain causing the food chain to be interrupted and contaminated.
What is the good use of Biological controls?(Advantages) 1) No chemicals are used, hence there is no contamination of the soil and water. 2) Crops are also not contaminated by chemicals.
What does Pesticides and Herbicides do? Pesticides kills pests. Herbicides kills weeds.