Earthquakes- Cause and Measurement

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How do tensions occur in Destructive margins? Tension builds up when one plate gets stuck as it's moving down past the other into the mantle
How do tensions occur in Constructive margins? Tension builds up along cracks within a plate as they move away from each other
How do tensions occur in Conservative margins? Tensions build up when plates that are grinding past each other get stuck
What si the first stage of a development of an Earthquake? Tension builds up
What is the second stage of an earthquake? The plates eventually jerk past each other, sending out shock waves.
What is the third stage of an Earthquake? The shock waves spread out from the epicenter
What is the final stage of an earthquake? Aftershocks
Give two scales to measure Earthquakes. 1) The Richter scale 2) The Mercalli scale
What does the Richter scale measure? The amount of energy released by an Earthquake
What does the Mercalli scale measure? The effects of the Earthquake
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