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Disease and Insect Pests Unit 4 test

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Question Answer
What are the 9 insect orders? Collembola Thysanoptera Orthoptera Hemiptera Homoptera Lepidoptera Coleoptera Diptera Hymenoptera
Which orders have complete metamorphosis? Lepidoptera Coleoptera Diptera Hymenoptera
Which orders have partial metamorphosis? Hemiptera Homoptera Orthoptera
Which order has no metamorphosis? Collembola
Which order has almost complete metamorphosis and why? Thysanoptera No external wing pads during first 2 instars, followed by 2-3 pupal (inactive) stages
Which orders have chewing mouth parts? Collembola Orthoptera Lepidoptera (larva) Coleoptera Hymenoptera
Which orders have piercing/sucking mouthparts? Hemiptera Homoptera
Which order has syphoning mouthparts? Lepidoptera
Which order has rasping/sucking mouthparts? Thysanoptera
Which order has chewing/lapping mouthparts? Hymenoptera
Which order has sponging mouthparts? Diptera
Collembola is Latin for_____. Springtails
Thysanoptera is Latin for_____. Thrips Fringed wing
Orthoptera is Latin for_____. Grasshopper Straight wing
Hemiptera is Latin for____. True bug Half wing
Homoptera is Latin for____. Sift bodied pests Same wing
Coleoptera is Latin for____. Beetles Sheath wing
Lepidoptera is Latin for____. Butterflies and moths Scale wing
Diptera is Latin for____. Flies Two wings
Hymenoptera is Latin for____. Ants, Bees, Wasps Membranous wing
I.D. Features of collembola Furcula on the butt for jumping Eyepatch (better than simple eye)
ID features for Thysanoptera Narrow body Compound eyes Fringed wings
ID features for Orthoptera Tegman (narrow, thickened forewing) Enlarged hindlegs for jumping Hindwings are Membranous and fold like a fan
ID features for Hemiptera Piercing/sucking mouthparts Scutellum (triangular plate on Mesothorax) Scentglands Forewing thickened at base and Membranous at the tip
ID features for Homoptera Aphids parthenogenisis Honeydew Ants farm honeydew Cornices on aphids Galls on trees Black fungus due to honeydew White 'spit' from Spittle bug
ID features for Coleoptera Elytra Elongated snout on weevils Grubs 3 thoracic legs Wire worm hard, cylindrical, Elongated bodies with short legs Fleshy borers legless
ID features for Lepidoptera Scale wings Butterfly dinural, knobbed antennae Moth nocturnal, tapered and feathery antennae