The impact of the Depression

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What where the industries most effected by Unemployment? Coal, iron, steel, cotton and ship building
Where was Unemployment its most highest? North and East of England and Scotland and Wales
Where were the best levels of employment? South England
What were the levels of unemployment in Jarrow in 1935? 64%
Why did the Government have to make huge spending cuts? Because they were in a massive amount of debt from the first world war
When was the means test proposed? 1931
roughly how many people failed the means test? 200 000
When was the special areas act? What did this mean? 1934. Put £2million into poor areas of the UK
When was the Jarrow March? October 1936
What was the Jarrow march? 200 men marched from Jarrow in the North to London with a petition for more work
Why did the Jarrow marches not want to join with the NUWM hunger strike, even though they were backed by the Labour party and were fighting for the same cause? Because the NUWM was associated with the Communists
What were the three effects of the Jarrow march? 1) The gained some popularity 2) They gained some criticism 3) The Government did not accept the act
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