Stopping Distance

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Question Answer
The faster the car is traveling at... ... the bigger the braking force it'll need
What is the stopping distance (In terns of an equation)? The sum of the thinking distance and the braking distance
What two main factors effect thinking distance? 1) How fast you're going 2) How 'dopey' you are
Give two other reasons for a larger thinking distance. 1) Bad visibility 2) Distractions
What is the braking distance? The distance an object travels under a braking force
What are the four main factors that determine a braking distance? 1) How fast you're going 2) How good the braking system is 3) How good the tires are 4) How good the grip is
What three things determine how good the grip is under a braking force? 1) Road surface 2) Weather conditions 3) tires
Give a way to prevent poor brakes from altering the stopping distance. Brakes must be checked and maintained regulally
What do tires have to have? A minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm in order to get rid of water