Classics 102 - Heracles versus Disney's Hercules

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How are the hetero normative families in the movie different then the families in myth? in the film the families are simple. Zeus is the dad, Hera is the mom and they have a baby. they act like he is their only son when many of the gods around them are their children also. Also the parents are in love. there is also no adultery of any kind shown in the film
How is Hercules' purpose different in the move then in myth? The definition of a Hero? he has a moral purpose in the film. in the film he wasn't a true hero until he was will to self-sacrifice, even though he thought he had made it when he was rich and famous. In the Greek idea, Heracles was a hero just because he was special and because he defeated monsters. He was trying to save people but also to get glory. there are differing ideas about success
How was Zeus different asa parent? in the greek mindset the father was the head of the house but he was not really emotional support. In the western mind emotional support is important, which is why Zeus was seen as support for his son and caring of him
How was the idea of love shown in the film? in the move Hercules loved only one women and in western view she would be the only one ever unless she died. In the Greek myth before Megara was killed by Heracles he defeated a lion and the king of Greece gave him a part and his 50 daughters.
How did western and Greek ideas differ in the ideas of the underworld? the underworld in the film is a negative place while in Greek ideas it was just where everyone went when they died. Hades in the film is evil and can be compared with the devil such as his association with fire. he is ugly and gloomy compared to the handsome and glowing gods and has vicious point teeth. the idea of good versus evil with Olympus the high place a good and the underworld below with Hades as evil
how did the Judao-Christian mindset effect prayer and music in the film? when Hercules goes to pray at the temple of Zeus he doesn't do as the Greeks would have done. He doesn't bring an offering and he kneels and folds his hands. the Muses sung gospel music and use the phrase 'that's the gospel truth'
What is the target audience of the film? How does that effect the story? its meant fro everyone so it has to be suitable for children but something adults will watch too. their are layers to the story for this reason. its light and fun for kids but it has a theme of belonging and isolation that adults will understand. he is separated from people because he is too strong and has a task only he can do.
What were some of the random bits of myth that were thrown in. Why would they be there if they don't relate things like the mentioning of Achilles, Pandora, and the Trojan Horse. Pegasus wasn't from Heracles myth but was the steed of Perseus but mostly Belaraphon who slayed dragons. Phil was also a real character. he was a celebrated archer during the Trojan war and later a friend and Armour bearer of Heracles. He was also on of the suitors that lost out on Helen. these were here to pay homage to Greek myth in general as much as possible
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