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Mandate Authority of government to carry out policies according to manifesto as granted by the voters
Manifesto Document in early election campaign which sets out ideas, proposals and intentions of party if it came to government
Legislature Branch of government responsible for discussing and passing laws - UK Parliament
Parliamentary Sovereignty Concept that parliament has complete power over all other governmental institutions
Delegate Person chosen to act on behalf of others, conveying their views
Minority Government Government made up of members that do not command a majority of seats in parliament
Representative Government System in which an assembly is elected to represent people's wishes
Floating Voters Voters that are liable to change their vote from election to election
Partisan Alignment Long-term allegiance of voters to a political party
Partisan dealignment Break down of long-term allegiance of voters to political party since 1970s
Constitution Legal framework detailing composition and responsibilities of institutions of government. Describing relationship with each other and country's citizens
Constitutional Government Government that functions according to rules laid down by constitution - constraints on exercise of power
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