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What are hot deserts also known as? Sub tropical deserts
Where are deserts found? Close to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn: lines parallel to the equator, between 20 and 35 degrees north and south
Where does the Sahara lie? On the tropic on Cancer, north of the equator
Give three other subtropical deserts. 1) Arabian desert 2) Australian desert 3) Thar desert
What are the four types of deserts, by formation? 1) Trade wind deserts 2) Rain shadow deserts 3) Coastal deserts 4) Monsoon deserts
Why are trade wind deserts dry? Trade winds blow from sub-tropical areas with high pressures towards the equator where there is low pressure. They are dry winds
Why are rain shadow deserts dry? When winds blow across a mountain range the air looses its moisture. This creates a rain shadow in the leeward side
Why are Coastal deserts dry? Cold ocean currents near the coast cools the air so it doesn't rise and therefore there is no rain. Cold air sometimes causes mist or fog at sea level
Why are Monsoon deserts dry? The southwest wind brings rain, but it mostly falls over the Himalayas. The North east monsoon brings the dry weather
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