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There are some words about weather, they are in the PET book too

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Foggy: low clouds
Freezing cold: extremely or uncomfortably cold
Snow/snowy: frozen water in the form on white flakes
Ice: the solid form of water
Frost: cover with frost
tormenta de nieve muy fuerte Blizzard: a storm with dry, driving snow, strong wind and cold
Hurricane: a violent tropical storm
Ola de calor Heatwave: a countinous spell of abnormally hot weather
Boiling hot: uncomfortably warm
habitacion cargada Stuffy room: close; porly ventilated
sequia Drought: a long period of dry weather
Gale: it's a very strong wind
Lluvia fuerte To pour down: to rain heavily
cuando llueve en mucha cantidad to rain cats and dogs: to be raining in great amounts
lluvias cortas y seguidas There will be some showers: a brief fall of precipitacion, such as rain
Drizzle: to rain gently and steadily; sprinkle
Hailing: it's in the middle between rain and snow
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