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red blood cells Red blood cells carry oxygen around the body
white blood cells White blood cells help to protect us against diseases by killing microbes
platelets Platelets help to make blood clot so that we can stop bleeding
plasma Plasma is the liquid part of the blood and it carries digested food like minerals, amino acids and glucose, when blood reaches the capillaries some of the plasma leaks out and forms tissue fluids. Plasma also contains carbon dioxide and other waste like urea.
alveoli Inside the alveoli oxygen diffuses from air into the blood and carbon dioxide diffuses from the blood into the air meaning there are many gaseous changes
smokers Many people who smoke develop emphysema, the walls of the alveoli break down so that the lungs have a smaller surface area. Also the capillaries around the alveoli are destroyed. Meaning that people with emphysema find it difficult to get enough oxygen
inside the lungs Your lungs are in your thorax, protected by your rib cage. Your windpipe , or trachea, carries air from the back of your throat to your lungs. Your voice box, or larynx, is at the is at the top of your windpipe. This contains your vocal chords
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