Psychopathology: Defining Abnormalities (Sherlock example)

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Psychology Psychopathology: Abnormalities (Sherlock Themed) b2dbd384-98c2-4e6b-b016-87f6179a39bf.gif (image/gif)
List the three definitions for abnormality 1) Deviation from Social Norms 2) Deviation from Statistical Norms 3) Failure to Function Adequately
Define 'Deviation from Social Norms' Going against social norms 534209af-0e99-4b7d-a897-710a2afde9be.jpg (image/jpg)
Provide a criticism for the theory of deviation from social norms The idea suffers with cultural bias as norms and values differ in different societies and cultures. So what is perceived as abnormal in western society maybe considered the norm in other areas. Furthermore, certain ideas of abnormalities cannot be generalised and applied to every individual.
Provide a further criticism for 'Deviation from Social Norms' A major concern with this theory is that it may be socially sensitive towards individuals. It can used to remove 'unwanted' people from society. For example, homosexuality or religion, in which has a highly negative impact upon society. 20528d8d-2323-48d3-b077-15551c45891d.gif (image/gif)
Provide a third weakness of Deviation of Social Norms Using the theory to define abnormality is difficult and what I considered as 'abnormal' may change overtime. For example, Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder in 1974, however was dropped a few years later due to social acceptance.
What is the difference between 'Deviation from Social Norms' and 'Deviation from Statistical Norms' Deviation from Social Norms define abnormality as something in which is socially unacceptable. Whereas, Deviation from statistical norms is what is considered as statistically rare behaviour.
Give an example of abnormality according to 'Deviation from Statistical Norms' IQ 98e6468e-3b58-4a4b-8c50-5bd61a0d4fec.gif (image/gif)
Provide a problem with defining abnormality according to 'Deviation from Statistical Norms' It doesn't take into account of the desirability of some of the 'abnormal' behaviour. For example, those who have extreme high IQ are statistically rare, yet it is considered a desirable trait to have as it'll increase the chances of a more positive impact in the future.
Provide a second criticism of the 'Deviation of Statistical Norms' There's no definite cut-off point in the statistics to determine the abnormality in behaviour.
Provide a final Criticism of Deviation from Statistical Norms. Some psychological abnormalities are considered statistical common therefore, it's not particularly useful when looking into certain disorders as it'll appear as the norm to be depressed.
Define 'Failure to Function Adequately' When you can't cope with the demands of society and show signs of demands of day-to-day life 14dc1bdd-b77e-4c41-bb47-f22e23460095.jpg (image/jpg)
List the criteria in which is used to diagnose those who fail to function adequately 1) Dysfunctional Behaviour 2) Observer Behaviour 3) Unpredictable Behaviour 4) Irrational Behaviour 5) Personal Distress
Define Observer Discomfort Behaviour in which causes others to be uncomfortable
What are Jahoda's Six Conditions associated with Ideal Mental Health 1) Positive self-attitude 2) Self-actualisation 3) Resistance to stress 4) Personal autonomy 5) Accurate perception of reality 6) Adaptation to the environment
Define self-actualisation Realising your potential 4e880abf-fd14-47cc-aa50-f39504ab1daa.jpg (image/jpg)
Define Personal Autonomy Making your own decisions
What is wrong with Jahoda's six conditions to idea mental health It's from her own perspective, therefore is subjective. People may have their own idea of ideal mental health
Criticise the Ideal Mental Health theory (Culture Bias) What is considered mentally healthy, may not be considered healthy in other cultures. For example, it's wrong for some women to enjoy sex in certain areas.
Provide a further criticism of the Ideal Mental Health theory (Historical Bias) In the Victorian times, women who enjoyed sex were considered abnormal. Freud called this 'Nymphomania' giving it a bad name.
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