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The vocabulary of iTunes U

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Rooftops 2 - Unit 3 vocabulary
Remei Gomez Gracia
Vocabulario Tema 1
alba mateos figueroa
body idioms
María Díaz
An Inspector Calls: Mrs Sybil Birling
Rattan Bhorjee
The Five Minute Lesson Plan Template
First Impressions - FIRST (FCE)
20) Negative personality
John Goalkeeper
9) Sport activities
John Goalkeeper
English: idioms and vocabulary
Wellman Lowhand
The House: Grammar focus (There is/There are)
Jorge Sánchez
Question Answer
Human impact: The effect caused over the environment by the human activity.
Landslide/mudslide: When earth or rock collapses down a mountain or a cliff.
Leak: when liquid or gas escapes through a hole or a crack.