Social Learning Theory & Health Concerns

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Factors Influencing Attitudes to Food & Eating Behaviour

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Olivera et al (1992) AO1 -Clear relationship between the mothers' food intake for nutrients and their pre-school children.
Birch et al (1990) AO1 -Children were seated next to each other who liked different vegetables (peas vs. carrots) -By end of study, there was a definite shift in food preferences, with those who didn't like carrots liking them by the end and vice versa -Furthermore, several weeks later, this change in preference was still evident
:) Brown & Ogden (1994) AO2 -Found a consistent correlation between parents and their children in terms of snack-food intake and eating motivations.
:) Lowe et al (1998) AO2 -Children shown a video with older children ('food dudes') enthusiastically eating food the younger children had previously disliked -Exposure to 'food dudes' significantly changed the children's food preferences, and significantly increased fruit & veg consumption
:( However... AO2 -Other behavioural explanations have been suggested to influence attitudes to food & eating behaviour -Reinforcement teaches children to eat a healthy and varied diet -Birch et al gave children food in association with positive adult attention which was found to increase food preference -By rewarding consumption of healthy food with an unhealthy food, this works in the short-term only. In the long-term, it only increases the desirability for the unhealthy food (Ogden).
Westcombe & Wardle (1997) AO1 -Studied the effects of labelling on food choice -Participants given food with the same fat content but labelled 'higher', 'normal' or 'lower' -Foods labelled as 'lower' were rated as slightly less pleasant
Liou (2001) AO1 -Positive correlation between health concerns and choosing reduced fat foods
:) Rapoport (2003) AO2 -The existence of low fat products and TV programmes surrounding healthy eating suggests that there is a growing interest in for healthy foods -Also, supermarkets have begun to display indicator systems on foods to promote healthier choices
:( However/Steptoe et al (1995) AO2 -Despite this, people still make unhealthy choices (apparent from fast food outlets and sales of high food products) -Although health is a motivation, so is price, convenience of preparation, familiarity and mood.
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