Evolutionary Explanations of Food Preference

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Biological Explanations of Eating Behaviour

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Milton (2008) AO1 -Without animals it is unlikely that early humans could have secured enough nutrition from a vegetarian diet to evolve into the active and intelligent creatures they became
:) Gibson & Wardle AO2 -Foods preferred by children were not sweet or familiar but dense in calories -E.g. potatoes and bananas
:) Abrams (1987) AO2 -Anthropological evidence that shows all societies display a preference for animal foods & fats; it would not have been possible for early humans to be vegetarian because they would not have got sufficient calories from plants and grains
:) Bell et al (1973) AO2 -Gave sweet foods to Eskimos, whose diet did not contain sugar before -The sweet food was not rejected suggesting that a preference for sweet food is not culturally learned
:( However... AO2 -There are cultural differences in food preferences suggesting that these preferences are not predetermined -E.g. spicy food is initially rejected but is the second most popular food spice (to salt) -Evolved factors are partly responsible, but experience with different foods will also shape our preferences
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