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To be a cog in the machine e43fcf57-5a99-4019-aa1e-5b9c967ebeb3.png (image/png) Someone is a cog in the machine when that person is important for a team: without it the machine could not function properly and would be completely useless. e.g. You are doing a great job in this company: you are a very important cog in the machine here! (This phrase doesn’t have to be limited to business).
To pull the plug 79fca293-6b5d-485e-948a-0eb978001c01.jpg (image/jpg) The phrase to pull the plug means to put an end to an activity, preventing it from continuing. e.g. They are going to pull the plug on the new TV show because it didn't get any sponsors. This is a phrase that can be used in a number of different situations. They are usually negative situations.
To hit the panic button 670ef279-c37f-4337-a259-d384246a4b8b.png (image/png) This is a funny phrase to describe a situation where somebody has acted quickly and without thinking. When you hit the panic button, you forget all logic and act as if it was the end of the world. e.g. Relax! Don't hit the button! I’m sure it will be easy to recover your document.
To blow a fuse f33d2ff3-6d95-431c-891b-2083a9d26842.jpg (image/jpg) To blow a fuse means that someone suddenly gets very angry, perhaps over something unexpected. e.g. Be careful not to blow your fuse! Try to stay calm and solve the problem first!
To be bright as a button c5dc4221-a977-4cf6-bd73-80a48592c285.jpg (image/jpg) You can say that someone is bright as a button to say that they are very intelligent and also a pleasant person! e.g. Your daughter is such an intelligent young lady, she’s bright as a button!
To get your wires crossed cf7046c1-938a-4dae-bb0e-7f67010b8a7d.jpg (image/jpg) To get your wires crossed means to misunderstand one another; to have a different understanding of a situation. e.g. Jenny got her wires crossed; I told her to email John but she emailed James.
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