Change in the rural-urban fringe

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Name four common developments on the urban-rural fringe 1) Out of town retail outlets 2) Leisure facilities 3) New transport links 4) Housing
Give two reasons why the urban-rural fringe is popular for development 1) There's plenty of cheap land available 2) Its easy to reach from urban areas
Give four impacts development has on the urban-rural fringe 1) Traffice noise and pollution increases 2) People already live there may feel developments spoil the areas 3) farmers may be forced to sell their land 4) Wild life habitats are destroyed
What do some urban areas have, to stop the development of the urban-rural fringe? Greenbelts
Give three reasons why someone may want to live in a village 1) Less crime 2) Less noise 3) Less pollution
What does a village becoming more popular mean? Property prices can increases and so can traffic congestion
Give four characteristics of a growing commuter village 1) Lots of services 2) Lots of middle aged couples 3) Lots of new detached housing 4) Good public transport 5) Some jobs
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