Resistance and V=IxR

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What is the equation for Potential difference? P.D=Current x Resistance V=I x R
What does V-I graphs show? How the current varies as you change the potential difference
What do V-I graphs have different slopes? Because the current through a resistor is directly proportional to the P.D
What happens when the temperature of a component increases in a V-I graph? The graph has an 's' shaped curve
How many directions will current flow through a diode? Only one
When does resistance increases? With temperature
Why does resistance increases with temperature? The heat transferred from electrical energy causes the ions in the conductor to vibrate more. Ions moving about more it's more difficult for the charge-carrying electrons to get through the resistor- the current can't flow as easily and so is increased
What is the equation for resistance? R=V/I
On a V-I graph, what does a curving line mean? Resistance is changing
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