Case study of fold mountain: The Himalayas

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What 4 things are the Himalayas used for? Mining, HEP, Farming and Tourism
What would be an advantage and disadvantage of Nepal introducing mining? advantage- it would provide a lot of jobs and there are a lot of mineral reserves in Nepal so there is potential for a lot of money to be earned disadvantage- Country is underdeveloped so cannot afford it and it could also put off tourists
How much of Nepals GDP does farming make up? 35%
What percentage of work in Nepal is farming? 76%
What problems are there with farming? The slopes are very steep so its difficult to farm on The soil is thin due to deforestation Deforestation has also led to soil erosion and flooding
How are these problems being overcome? People have built terraces on the mountain, this means the land is flatter and easier to farm on They have made roads through the mountain so access is easier They could also replant trees so that more water is intercepted reducing the risk of flooding.
Why would the introduction of HEP into Nepal be useful? -It's clean and renewable -Nepal has the potential to generate a lot of power due to it being uphill and also having a lot of rivers -It could provide electricity to 30% of rural Nepalese that do not have any
What problems are there with HEP? It is very expensive, therefore Nepal, being one of the poorest countries in the word, can't afford it.
How is tourism used? -Provides vital money -Everest attracts the longest staying and best paying tourists eg.costs £50,000 for a team of 7 -Provides jobs (hotels, guides, restaurants)
What problems are Nepal facing due to tourism? -Destroying the environment: discarded equipment and rubbish on Everest = not attractive -Its difficult for the locals to get electricity and water due to tourists demand for it -Everest is becoming over crowded
What are the solutions to the problems of tourism? -There have been talks about temporarily closing Everest down to prevent any more damage -There are also talks about restricting access to Everest **This still has not occurred, probably due to the fact that Everest provides vital money** They could: -Have bins on Everest to prevent littering -Fine people for littering -Give out information leaflets so tourists know how to behave -HEP to provide energy -People have to book to go on Everest= not overcrowded
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