Physics 1 Energy Transfer By Heating GCSE Core

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What do all object emit? Infra-red radiation
Dark, matt surfaces are good ...? Absorbers and emitters of radiation
What are shiny silver surfaces good for? Being reflectors of radiation.
Does a object have to be hot or cold to increase the more infra-red radiation it emits? Hot
What does infra-red radiation travel in? Waves
What do we see infra-red radiation on? Thermograms
What is evapouration when a liquid turns into a gas
What is condensation? When a gas turns into a liquid
What effect does evaporation have? Cooling effect - faster moving molecules escape from the liquid
What is conduction? Heat transfer in a solid
How do particles transfer heat? Vibrate
What is convection? Heat transfer in liquids and gases
Why are metals good at conducting heat? Because they have free electrons
What happens when a fluid is heated? The particles expand making it less dense so it rises
Why does convection in fluids occur? Due to changes in density
What is a u-value? a measure of how effective a material is as an insulator
How can you tell by a u-value if a product is good at insulating? The lower the u-value the better
What is the payback time? the time it takes to save back the installation cost. It tells us how cost-effective it is.
What do solar panels do? heat up water
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