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Jazmine Derwin
Created by Jazmine Derwin over 2 years ago
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Question Answer
The name Porphyria Porphyria has links with the colour purple as it derives from the greek word porphyra meaning purple. Purple has links with wealth and royalty. Could suggest that she is a higher class than he is therefore this is why they have sneak around and why they are just "Lovers"
Rhyme scheme Porphyria’s Lover is a dramatic monologue written in the first person. The regular rhyme scheme follows an ABABB pattern throughout, and the poem is written in one long section. Some critics have suggested the regular rhyme scheme reflects a calm heartbeat. It has also been suggested that the asymmetrical rhyme scheme reflects the unbalanced character of the narrator. Certainly the complete regularity of it reflects the narrator’s calmness in his violence.
Pathetic fallacy The poem opens up with Pathetic fallacy which creates the mood "tore the elm tops down for spite". All this happens before Porphyria arrives this is important structurally, so it shows that she does not create the mood. Personification is also used shows that speaker is irrational as he feels that the weather is against him so he comes across as paranoid.
"When glided in Porphyria" This contrasts to the previous description of the weather, dramatic shift from negative to positive. Uses poetic inversion to emphasises glided. Shows the irrational thinking as she wouldn't of glided in.
"And, last, she sat by my side" This is surrounded by bracketing comma's which makes us pause before and after this shows his frustration.
"And spread o'er all her yellow hair" She spreads her hair over both of them. This symbolically shows how he is dominated by her. Maybe suggests that they have an all consuming love.
"Be sure i looked up at her eyes" The fact that he looks up to her shows that she is superior simulates how a child would look up to a parent. May suggests that she has the control and he does not like this. Especially because at the time women were supposed to be the subordinate figure in the relationship.
"And stooping made my cheek lie there" "Only this time my shoulder bore / Her head" It demonstrates that after her death roles have reversed. She is now passive and he is the instrumental role. Suggests that this is how it should be.
"Too weak" A feminist critic suggests that a mans love for a woman weakens him. The speaker may see himself as weak in the relationship and this is underscored as at the time men were seen as a reflection of their wives. So this could be a reflection of himself. Therefore, this is why he has to assert himself as dominant.
Rhyme Majority of the rhyme is masculine rhyme this again shows how he wants to dominate the women. The fact that the rhyme scheme is so tightly controlled this shows how he wants to control the woman and with her dead this is possible.
"Little throat" "Little head" Infantilises her and diminishes her present. As after her death he refers to her as "it" rather before her death she is "she". This show that now she is death she is fully under his control.
"Her darling one wish would be heard" Ambiguous The form of the poem is a dramatic monologue and there is normally an implied audience. Suggested the listener is the dead. Unreliable narrator so we can't necessarily believe him.
Rhyme scheme The poem does contains enjambment. This is because it reflects real speech so the sentences stopped at the end of the line it would sound mechanical. But the enjambment shows he is not in control and this is reflected as the whole poem is made up of one verse. Shows he doesn't think about what he is doing.
Iambic Tetrameter 8 syllable normally in poems it is 10 syllable this reflects the abnormality of the speaker. This quickens the pace. But sometimes this is broken "i listened with heart to fit to break" shows he is losing control of his emotions. The name Porphyria as a word can never fit into the Iambic Tetrameter shows he can not even name her without losing control.