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Sussex campaigned against rebellion led by Shane O'Neil 1561
Sidney replaces Sussex as the Lord Deputy of Ireland 1564
Sidney raids Ulster and captures several O'Neil strongholds 1566
Shane O'Neill killed + implications for Elizabeth 1567 - allowing Elizabeth to pursue main policy of colonisation
Tyrone rebellion begins 1595 Hugh O’Neill (Earl of Tyrone) arranged marriage alliance with traditional enemy, the O’Donnells of Tycronnell. Militarily powerful. Timing of this rebellion bad – poor harvests in England, war with Spain.
PENRY WILLIAMS' VIEW ABOUT O'NEILL O’Neill posed greater threat to English presence in Ireland than any Irish Lord of the century. Also, the high taxes required for the Irish campaign contributed to an economic crisis between 1594 and 1597. Coupled with bad weather and poor harvests: highest food prices of the sixteenth century and even famine.
O'Neill victory in the battle of the Yellow Ford 1598 - O’Neill victory in the battle of the Yellow Ford: O’Neill occupation of Connacht and Leinster. Elizabeth raised army of 17,000. Made Earl of Essex Lord Lieutenant of Ireland in charge of forces.
Fall of Essex 1599 - Essex signed an unauthorised truce with Tyrone 1601 - Jan - Essex organised coup agains Elizabeth due to her arresting him and stripping of titles
Consequence of Essex demise for factionalism Thereafter, the Cecil faction remained dominant not only until Elizabeth's death in 1603, but even thereafter, as Sir Robert Cecil made a smooth transition to being the main adviser of James VI & I.
Battle of Kinsdale 1601 – Battle of Kinsdale: With army of 13,000 Charles Blount (Lord Mountjoy the new Lord Deputy of Ireland) defeated O’Neill and Spanish expeditionary force
Steven Ellis's view of FP in Ireland English policy towards Ireland a failure
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